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Xuan Feng Restaurant 軒風 @ Krystal Point, Penang.

by - November 09, 2015

I think this Xuan Feng Restaurant 軒風 had been established a few years ago. But I did not try it out until I started working around that area. Just on that particular day, I was lazy to head out for lunch so this below thingy happened...

Nowadays, they have the set lunch menu which each item is only RM10. By adding RM3 or RM4 you can even have a glass of beverage. I just ordered the Carbonara from the menu. Actually, it was bacon Carbonara. But I'm always not a fan of bacon so I decided to reach the owner and asked whether they could replace something with the bacon as the basal ingredient. Then, he said he could replace it with either fish or chicken and both are in deep-fried version. I was like, Okay, better than bacon and so I chose the fish.
I ordered take-out so I have to wait for awhile to shorten the time of me waiting at my office for the staffs to finally have their leisure and deliver to me. Haha! Just for maybe less than 20 mins and my take-out was ready. While waiting, there was packed with white collars.
I was quite surprised and astonished when I realized that the deep-fried fish was this gigantic! I was like OMG it's so worthwhile! I thought he would give me just a few of the tiny fish cutlets. Okay, let's talk about the food there. The spaghetti was overcooked and failed to achieve the al dente texture. And the sauce was only reaching the so-so and normal level. But the deep-fried fish was really blowing me away unexpectedly! It was not greasy at all and the crunchiness was really hitting me so badly until I couldn't help but to just finished it all! As a nutshell, I finished the whole lunch bento which was quite high in calories though haha!

If you want my advise on ordering food from this restaurant, you may go for their rice and fried thingies (coz it's the boomshell). Pertaining to their spaghetti, it was not as remarkable as you should die die need to try it out. But one thing to be noted is their service. The staffs and owners are all so nice to the customers. A BIG thumb-up for them!

Details of Xuan Feng Restaurant 軒風
Address: 303-01-30, Krystal Point 1, Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah, 11900 Bayan Lepas, Penang.
Business Hour: Daily from 11am til 10pm (better contact them fist only head to it just in case)
Contact No.: 04-6437220

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