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The World's 2nd Spiciest Korean Noodle Challenge 팔도 불낙볶음면

by - November 16, 2015

The World's 2nd Spiciest Korean Noodle Challenge 팔도 불낙볶음면!!! I think not long ago, me and Sharene had decided to finally meet up at my house for catching up of our lately life hack in terms of how to have a work-life balance. Keke, duh just kidding. We were just having some hit-or-miss topics and the most remarkable and worthwhile to retrospect back when we were older lolling on our couches or most probably the rocking chairs kind of moment. What was that??? We took the challenge on stoking the spiciest noodle on the whole wide world! If you had read my previous blog post, I had tried the 3rd spiciest noodle which is the one sought-after named Bul-Ddak-Bokk-Eum-Myeon with my other friends. It was not as spicy as I thought and imagined it would be. As to previously I watched numerous Youtube video challenge on this haha! Hence, I decided to try the higher rank of noodle in terms of spiciness.

This 불낙볶음면 Bul-Nak-Bokk-Eum-Myeon's cooking process is somewhat different from the Bul-Dak. First, you have to cook the noodle in the piping hot boiling water. Then, you have to add in the packed ingredients prepared that come with the noodle itself on the pan or whatever things that you use to cook the noodle and stir-fried it on the stove. Please take note on tapering the fire into the smallest condition. Or else your noodle will be too dry. Do not need too long for that just to mix the sauce and noodle together. After that, you can take the challenge already!
See how reddish they are! The aftertaste of this was just spicy. Not that spicy, I think it'd be easier for me to rank it from 1 to 10, I rank it at 3.5 out of 10. Just like that, I still deem that TomYam is much spicier! The flavor is definitely richer than the Bul-Dak and tastier. But beware of do not sniff it too hard at first to detect the smell of this noodle coz I had been choked since! It's worth to try it out although it's bad for our health especially to our kidney. So, be sure to guzzle down lots of fresh fruit to prevent any organ malfunction. 

I think this is like my hang-out routine to have wefies with whoever I go out with. But it depends, if I'm on a camera-ready mode, then I'll take a lot of shots but if not that case, I'll just take one or too or even none of them. The bedrock reason is always as simple as ABC, just to have some good memories to drag back in our future! Let's see our selfies!

While waiting her fully-ulize my restroom.

Then, we went to Qbay to watch a freaking famous movie. Thanks Sharene for being so benevolent of giving me a Starbucks coupon! 50% on a single receipt. But I just bought one! It was Mocha Praline with add-on caramel drizzle on top! Kamsahamnida unnie~!
Took selfie while stucked in the traffic congestion.

And the car beside of us pulled up next to us and his red light from his car ruined my selfie!
Happy belated Halloween!
Alright, I should stop here coz I think this post is full of my face d! Keke! But guess what, this is my platform right?! I really truly hate the feeling when I incline to write each blog post, I always think that I should hold back, but at the end I only realise that I can always write the things I want and wish to coz it's always my blog! BYE!

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