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코비큐 KO.B.Q // 全槟最棒的韩国餐❤The BEST Korean Restaurant in Penang!!!

by - June 29, 2015

[槟城美食攻略] 코비큐 KO.B.Q // 全槟最棒的韩国餐❤The BEST Korean Restaurant in Penang!!!  我懂,我懂!可能这标题会有些许地主观,但我只是想说出阿美我的意见呀!韩国餐算是我的最爱(不是日式料理的迷)。我之前有去过南韩首尔吃过他们道道地地的泡菜。到目前为止,阿妹我个人认为这家的泡菜是最接近以前我在那所品尝到的味道。因这家是位于Precinct 10,所以我们那时是第一桌的客人。随后又有两桌的客人。Precinct 10已经越来越少人去了,甚至连那外国品牌连锁店Burger King也搬了。很是心疼,因为好像要变废区了好像那个One Stop!好了,不要再EMO鸟!让我们开始‘留口水’呗!Maybe this title is slightly subjective but I just want to reveal my mind. Korean food is always one of my favourite food (not a Japanese food maniac). I've been to S.Korea and eaten their Kimchi. By far, this restaurant offers the closest one in terms of taste to the Kimchi I ate last time. Since it's located at Precinct 10, when we went to there, we were the first table of customers. Two more tables were occupied later. Precinct 10 is getting less and less people showing up there, even the Burger King had left. Such a sad case. I feel sullen whenever see some past sought-after buildings becoming like this such as One Stop. Stop being dark! Let's get started!
As we stepped into this restaurant, the foreign waiters escorted and brought us to the window-seat (sounds like in the airplane).
 Okay, I was riveted by the lamp.

一点餐完毕,他们就送上了小菜以及白饭。老实说,阿美我觉得这家所提供的小菜是我最满意的。阿美我就是超迷恋那黑豆的说!8盘小菜随您吃,可以从装哦!这就是其中一个原因为何我会抱持着要去第二次的想法。现在啊,好多家店家没有酱的服务咯,从装?给你两次就偷笑咯!我上一次(应该也是最后一次)去Bayan Baru的Daorae时,当我与3位友人说要从装小菜是,你知道他们对我们怎样吗???得到了‘等到花儿也谢了’从装的小菜还有那几张不爽的脸!超气的!
Right after ordering, they served us the side dishes and rice. To be real honest, I think this is the best set of side dishes. I super in love with the black beans, super delicious. There are 8 side dishes being served and you can definitely refill it! This is one remarkable point that drives me entertaining the idea of going this place again. A lot of Korean restaurants does not have this 'refill' service anymore which makes me mope in the dumps. And during the last visit (probably LAST in my lifetime) to Daorae at Bayan Baru, I was with 3 of my friends and we asked for refilling and you know what we got? We absolutely got our refilled side dishes with like everlasting waiting period along with the 'face' from the waiter. If only you get what I meant. We were super pissed off at that time.

But this one, they refill our side dishes with benevolence and benignly. JJIANG!

豆腐海鲜汤 Sun-Du-Bu Soup 순두부찌개 (RM15)
This is the set lunch come along with a bowl of white rice. One thing to highlight is they use the Japanese/Korean top-notch rice. I mention it just because I saw a lot of past blog posts complained about this matter. The rice is really toothsome as well! Haha! Both of my sisters are so crazy over this soup. I'd a few tastes of the soup and what I can say is this is the BEST in Penang. This is really flavorful and full of ingredients. I tried this soup at other places before and they disappointed me. This one is refreshing and not spicy at all in my case (my resistance to spicy level is real high).

 Itadakimash! Nope, suppose to be 잘 먹겠습니다!

炸酱面 JjaJang Myun 짜장면 (RM20)
Only if that day was 블랙데이(black day) on 14th April... Haha might get slapped by my nampeon. I kid you not, the Korean shows or dramas really like to involve this blacky noodle. Like the latest famous show of 'Superman is back', Dahan Minguk and Manse's appa (daddy) ate it too. I really like this commemoration of being a single by gathering all singles to eat this noodle on black day. I had tried the instant-packed one before: below one.
It's yummy though haha! But I prefer the fresh noodle. I was second-guessing myself why did I choose this over the SamGyeTang. Then, I asked the worker again, which type of noodles do they use for this dish. I asked 'is it the instant maggie mee'? He said no. My mind popped up 'let's see...' haha

Fortunately, it was really the fresh noodle not maggie mee. The noodle is really chewy and not doughy. Tastes like between udon and laksa. I like it so much. As for the ChunJang (salty black soybean) is in moderate saltiness. The ingredients are more than plenty. (If you are not the onion-fans, better not to risk your wallet as my friends complained to me that this is not delicious, the bedrock of this complaint is merely because they dislike the scent of onion.) The saute onion slices boost up the whole flavor. There is also meat in it. So don't worry about the protein matter. This is what I'm going to order again next time.

韩式辣烤猪肉 Pork Bulgogi 불고기(spicy) (RM25)
I really scare of going to a restaurant or cafe with my 2nd sis coz she is never enough in ordering food. This is the extra one since each of us has one main dish already. She ended up not finishing it and I ate it for more than half portion and she packed the rest home. They did not ask us whether want to BBQ by ourselves or not. They directly cooked it for us and handed to us. The marinated sauce is good, but I don't think it's spicy enough. The portion is as gigantic as for the cannibals. The meat is being cooked perfectly with slightly charred on the edges. I think this come with a bowl of rice as well plus a plate of eggy pancake.

为了让各位爱食客们看看对比的分量。。。In order to show you the portion...

不油不腻,外皮酥脆,但没有蛋白质在里头也。。。可是已算是好过其它店家的了。This eggy pancake is nicer than other places although I couldn't find any seafood in it. The outer is crunchy and not greasy.

This is our Receipt of the Day #rotd! LOL! During the payment, I talked to the lady owner (not sure whether is owner but have high odds). I told her the food was really tasty. Yep, we spoke in Korean and after that she thought that I am a connoisseur who masters Korean but sorry not! Haha! I kinda forgot how to speak at all. When I was young I used to speak better than now. Coz I was once a KPOP no. 1 fan! Haha! She talked to me in Korean and I told her I only know a bit. Haha! I don't understand why people always mistaken I was a Korean or a person who can speak Korean fluently. Like back in the last trip to Korea... Haha! 
最近,在Bayan Baru的Elit Avenue也有多开了一间。我家老三去过了,故事是酱地。。。她与同事一同去那儿吃午餐,叫了个主菜,但是她等到花儿也谢了她的还没来。。。哈哈!然后,她要求要打包回公司因为大家都已吃完了。那位老板就前来道歉还免费请她吃一碗冷面作为请罪。目前都是褒义的评论。
 Recently, they have opened the new branch in Bayan Baru area at Elit Avenue. My 3rd sis been there last week and I thought why not to share her experience with you guys. Erm, the story is like this, she went there with her colleagues at lunch hour. She ordered a main dish. But she waited for so long until all of her lunch mates had already finished up their plates and bowls. Then, she told the owner to takeaway her order as she was running out of time. The owner apologized to her and returned back to hand her a bowl of cold noodle. And that bowl was FREE one I bet it's like a mercy of mistake haha! So far, the comments are good ones.

我觉得阿美我之所以会标签这一间为我的最佳韩式料理餐厅,是因为价钱廉宜,可以算是比普通的便宜值得多了。餐厅也非常宽敞舒适。如果对比两间分店的小菜供应的话呢,Precinct 10 的会比较精致,多样化点。好地,再见咯!!!
I think the reason why I label this as my top Korean Food go-to place is because in terms of price, it's considered as affordable than the other places. The environment is spacious as well. Service is friendly and alert and perceptive. That's why...! In comparison for the side dishes between the two branches, I think the one in Precinct 10 serves more special ones. Okay! Tteo Mannayo! (don't understand---google knows!) Keke!

Details of  코비큐 KO.B.Q
Address: 1-1-13A, Elit Avenue, Jalan Mayang Pasir 3, 11950 Bayan Baru, Penang.
Business Hour: 10.30am-10pm (I think is everyday but be sure to phone and ask first)
Tel: 018-473 5994/ 016-400 2507

Address: 10-C-18 & 10-C-19, Precinct 10, Jalan Tanjung Tokong, 10470 Penang.
Tel: 04-890 2650/ 016-400 2507/ 016-471 5833
Business Hour: 11.30am-3pm//5pm-10.30pm (MON-FRI)
11.30am-10.30pm (SAT-SUN)

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