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Que Huong Toi Vietnamese Cafe 正宗越南小食馆 @ Jalan Sungai Pinang & Jalan Jelutong, Georgetown, Penang.

by - June 27, 2015

Que Huong Toi Vietnamese Cafe 正宗越南小食馆 @ Jalan Sungai Pinang & Jalan Jelutong, Georgetown, Penang.

 Okay! Let's rewind back to the 1st of January 2015 which was the new year! I know this was happened way too long ago. I always wanted to update it here like I had even upload to draft but then I just forgot it after all. Haha! A few readers asked me to switch into a Chinese blog but I think by writing in English is seriously and unmistakably easier for me. The han yu pin yin takes me years. I still remember that I woke up and told myself, I had to have a better live ahead by indulging yummy food. That's why I asked my 3rd sis whether she wanted to bring me to this Vietnamese cafe for a trial. She concurred in no time as at that time she was totally a Vietnamese fan like KPOP fan. Or maybe I'll call her as 越南婆。

I suggest you to park at the opposite there, at the Perodua there (is that Perodua or other car brands, whatever as long as you UND understand me! No need parking fee one! When we arrived, it was around lunch time, fully-packed with 65% of native Vietnamese. There are several tables which I think it's not enough. Fortunately, a table of customers had just finished dining and we immediately flopped in the seats. 

So this is their menu. No worry coz it's in bilingual.

Goi Cuon aka Vietnam Hand Roll Popiah (RM 1.80 each but minimum 2 pieces)
Okay, I need to admit that I always in love with this kind of popiah rather than those deep-fried one. It's healthier and you get to taste every single fresh element from each ingredient inside. Albeit the deep-fried one is crunchier! Haha! The rice paper is not sticky coz if you put it into the water for overtime, its textures get ruined. It's stuffed with rice noodles, shrimp and some veges. You need the complementary sauce to enhance the whole flavour and texture. Otherwise, it gets too dry between your teeth. No other words needed besides FRESH!!! 

Cold Cafe Sua Vietnam Coffee (RM3.30) 
I think this drink is quite fun as you get to play with it. Why did I say play? It's because the waiter or rather being called as tauke serves you this teapot with a half-filled glass. And you just have to pour the tea into the glass to make it like a gradient colour. It tastes not to sweet with a bit astringent aftertaste. This is how I adore it as it tastes so pure.

Banh Mi Thit Nuong- Vietnam BBQ Pork Sandwich (RM 5.50 served everyday)
Needless to say, this is like the signature of Vietnam to me. Everytime I watch the TLC's travel show to Vietnam, they always eat this kind of Subway-like sandwich. The pork slices are well-seasoned with a touch of sweet sour sauce drizzled on top.The veges make it lighter and healthier. I personally think that if there are Subway and this to choose from, I'll definitely go to this!!! For SURE!!! The portion is big and it's so affordable the price. One distinct thing I don't like is actually the bread. It's quite dry. Or it supposed to be tasted like this way? Coz I haven't been to Vietnam.

I'm not so sure the title of this bowl noodle but I think it's the Bun Bo Hue- Vietnam Spicy Pork Leg Noodle Soup (RM6.50 only available on WED, FRI and SUN). My sis ordered this. I had only a bite of it. The soup is quite nice but not as spicy as I thought it would be. Umpteen ingredients like veges.
So far this Vietnamese cafe is quite visit-worth. This is my first proper Vietnam dining experience. If possible, next time I wanna try their dessert as well. Erm I didn't use their toilet so cannot give you my precious opinion pertaining that this time round. Haha! BYE!

Details of Que Huong Toi Vietnamese Cafe 正宗越南小食馆
Address: 56W, Jalan Jelutong, 11600 Jelutong, Penang. (Nearby the highway bridge/opposite to a car brand showroom.)
Business Hours: MON-FRI (10am-3pm/5pm-10pm)
SAT-SUN (9am-3pm/5pm-10pm)
Tel: 6016-421 1244

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