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HAPPY Fresh Fish Broth & Noodles 哈吡鱼杂海鲜粉 @ Jalan Bawasah, Penang.

by - June 17, 2015

HAPPY Fresh Fish Broth and Noodles 哈吡鱼杂海鲜粉 @ Jalan Bawasah, Penang.
My food partner in crime forever!

To be real honest, I'd forgotten when was my last having a bowl of warm fresh fish broth noodle. The mushrooming Penang cafes has literally changed our culture especially on the generation 'y'. Most of us are always captivated by the new and unique cafes, taking pics and uploading them onto social media platforms. This eating experience really dredged up a lot of my past memory when I was still a kid at that time barbie dolls and pokemon were our 'best friends'. Nothing superficial but memorable.

I went there on a Sunday afternoon at 1.30pm. Just two tables were taken including ours. Hence, we didn't have to wait for so long as it had already passed the peak lunching hour. The inner decoration is quite simple yet somewhat nostalgic. I like how they embellished the plain white wall with the wood window ledge. The tables are typical chinese favourite marble one. Are they marble? I only know how it called in Hokkien haha!
3 types of soups to choose including Milky Soup, Bitter Gourd Soup and Tomato Broth. And you also can select your noodles, whether thin one or broad one. I like the broad one which for all practical purposes, not that broad, it tastes like laksa noodle. That's why I like it. Here's their one-page compendious menu. I heard from my sis that their Thai Style Chicken Feet is yummy too. Only I am scared of chicken feet!
 At the beginning, the soup was nice yet wasn't so tasteful for me. But as you keep on gobbling down your throat, the flavor starts to pop up. I freaking like the aftertaste of each indulgence as the smell of chinese cooking wine 'Shao Xin Jiu' wafting inside out. But it doesn't carry much of milky flavor, it may be covered by the freshness from the ingredients. Generosity of giving so much fish pieces is the add-on point. Often, the hawker centre ones just provide 3 to 5 pieces of tiny fish pieces. But this one is quite big in size. The texture of fish is fresh and dewy which is well-cooked. The noodle is a bit different from what I used to have. Here's more chewy and QQQ!

After this, we also went to the Haven Harbour for the 2nd indulgence! Haha! I'll blog it next time.

Details of HAPPY Fresh Fish Broth & Noodles 哈吡鱼杂海鲜粉 @ Jalan Bawasah, Penang.
Address: 17, Jalan Bawasah, 10050 George Town, Penang. (same row as Haven Harbour and the BIG FAT HEN)
Business Hours: MON to SUN // 10am-3pm and 6pm-10pm (CLOSED ON TUE)
Tel: 016-473 0346

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