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The Face Shop: Real Nature Rice Mask Review

by - June 04, 2015

The Face Shop's Real Nature Rice Mask REVIEW!!! 
[Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored blogpost and all opinions are mine]

This is gonna be my very first blog post dives into the beauty and makeup review category. This idea was popped up on my mind in a sudden. And so I thought why not doing a series of product reviews on beauty products and cosmetics. Kid you not, my bookshelf is not filled with books but stacks of masks which I got it from either my past vacations or my friends. I'd never tried any mask from The Face Shop before which sounds a bit unbelievable as it is quite a well-known brand especially they recently switch their ambassador. Haha! Alright! We should blow now to the main points!
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"A brightening & complexion improvement mask sheet containing rice extract to smoothen and brighten dull and rough skin."
Emphatically, the main ingredient of this mask is shown on its cover---RICE. Ever since I was young, I'd heard from the elders that by washing the rice before cook it could possibly smoothen your hands. I think this saying is from the Japanese concept where Japanese use their hands without any glove in making rice rolls or Onigiri. And I used to volunteer to help my dad in handling the unwashed rice just in purpose of collecting the rinsed rice water to let my feet soak into it. I found the aftermath was prone to the positive side. Yet, I stopped it after thrice as I found that there's a creature namely rice worm. OMG! HAHA!
I followed all directions at the back but only the time for masking! I put it on for 30 minutes as for assuring the essence is completely like 155% being absorbed into my pores! The mask has a pretty well-fitted shape for only Korean.As you can see my nose is quite large like a garlic and I am not blessed enough to have the super V-shape face like YoonA from SNSD! This means several spots on my facade were not treated fairly by this mask. Haha! But I think it's not their fault as until now, I still cannot find a single brand which provides a perfectly cutting mask for my face. Below is the process (I admit that I used the filter but only for colour adjustment).

I usually use the essence left inside the packet to apply on my hands and neck area (yupe I'm Taurus! KEDUKUT!). After usage, my skin is smoothier and watery. As to the brightening side, I don't think it was conspicuous enough. Another good thing is this mask does not stiffen my face. Some masks stiffen your face and you can see expressly every mask edge on your skin.

Rate: 3/5 (the effect is not that strong if compared to other masks.)
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