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SUMMER Fast & Easy Makeup 2015

by - June 08, 2015

SUMMER Fast and Easy Makeup 2015
It's SUMMER guys! What will you guys do during this hottest moment??? Honestly, my country has always been on the Summer season like 24/7 as we do not have 4 seasons. I wish to play in snow but... I don't think it's possible!!! However, I pretty like SUMMER as I can wear a lot of T-shirt, shorts and any other designs which are suitable for summer. This is my very first Makeup Video. I always wanted to do one but I don't have iMovie and a proper camera to employ. But it's okay to me even I don' have these tools coz here's my masterpiece by using the simplest software and camera without any tripod! Imagining me stacking up my books as my tripod... What are you waiting for?! Below is the link to this video and I hope you enjoy this makeup video!

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