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[Movie Review] Poltergeist 2015 || La Cremeria Event @ Queensbay Mall, Penang.

by - June 21, 2015

[Movie Review] Poltergeist 2015 || La Cremeria Event @ Queensbay Mall, Penang.
So, I just went to watch this horror movie yesterday night with my sisters and bro and thought of writing up a review for you guys! I can see that my viewer rate is rising day by day, bit by bit. Sometimes, I feel really mysterious and unbelievable that why on earth do people actually follow my blog and support me via mails even I'm just an ordinary girl. You guys are amazing! Okay let's start the creepy thingy!

Have you watched the previous version of 'Poltergeist'??? I haven't but my sisters (they are older which makes sense haha) watched it before. They claimed that the previous one was better and more terrifying than this one. Me and my bro did not watch the first 5 or 10 mins of this movie as we were going out for playing some games right outside the GSC in Queensbay. Later, I'll declare it in detailed. Now, I need to tell you the story first ya! Haha! Basically, this movie is not boring at all. I was like pretty captivated by the plot and the casts who are really pretty and cute (I mean the children). I think this movie is worth for the ticket.

About the weaknesses of this movie, the scariness is actually quite moderate for me unlike the James Wan's 'Insidious' series. I think maybe due to the sound effect. Plus, the ghosts involved in this 'Poltergeist' are just some high-tech edition courtesy of computer and the clowns dolls. One remark is the part when the youngest child's piggie doll rolled all the way on the floor towards closet. That one was the funniest part which made all of the audiences in theater LOL!

The one truly makes my pores swollen is actually the fact that the casts from the previous version were died with different kind of reasons. I don't even dare to search for the news. I'm scared right now as I type this. Fortunately, my dog, Pinky Pong is here with me. Haha! In a nutshell, you better check this movie out ya! I still haven't watched 'San Andreas' yet. I heard this movie is not bad. 

 Tah Dah!!!
We were so lucky! This game required nothing (usually you need to show your GSC ticket and so to get the entrance) just for anyone. After stepped into our theater hall, it was still lighted so bright which meant we still had to wait for quite long. Me and my BRO decided to take this chance and go and play! Actually, I was the catalyst! We first thought that we need to show ticket which we did not need to. Crowded there and we were like elbowing our way through the crowd and take our queue. We waited for like more than 15mins and observed the others playing it. It was like a lottery but I'm not sure what terminology should I give. We need to flex one hand into the hole and grab as much golden ticket as we can in 30s. And the tickets were flying around with the empty black paper. Luckily, one guy 2 people before us told the other girl the knack and trick on grabbing the tickets. We used his advice and guess what we gained?! 2 free GSC movie tickets!!! Plus 2 ice cream sticks!!!  OMG! We earned too much yesterday! So happy! Recall back when I was playing the game and like screaming loudly and laughing haha! Totally no image one like I always do. My bro even sneaked and nibbled the display pecan and almond (pic on top). Haha!

I hidden the ice cream sticks in my bag (luckily large enough) and went back to our hall and watched the horror movie again. Haha! No Pain No Gain! Sacrifice is worthwhile in this matter!

OK, let's stop here! And Happy Father's Day!!!!!!!

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