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[Movie Review] Insidious 3

by - June 11, 2015

[Movie Review] Insidious 3

Yupe! Today's I'm gonna talk about this movie, 'Insidious- Chapter 3'! I am always a fan of the director cum producer of this series of horror movie, James Wan and also his fellow partner Leigh Whannel. Have you watched the 'Dead Silence' before? That was the first time I knew about James Wan. I mean I really adore his shooting technique and storyline idea as they sorta remind me of the past Chinese horror movie. Often, we encounter that kind of Western not-so-scary horror movie such as 'the eye' and 'the ring'. Both of these movies were the transformation of the original Asian horror movies. And I think the Asian ones are scarier. 

Talking about this movie, I think all of the casts have an incredible acting sense especially the ones who take roles of being ghosts. Right before I watched this, my eldest sis told me I might be dismayed as this movie was not that scary like the 2 chapters before. Then, my 2nd sis told me not to believe her words as she always reads her own novel on iPad in the theater. But I am always the easy to get influenced one which makes my interest in this movie decelerated. On that night, we watched it on the last row of seats. 4 of us including my 2nd sis, 3rd sis and Jackson. The theater was almost fulled. I always wonder how the people on the front row watch the movie as I tried it before and found that it might be the last thing I wanted.

This story is not really connected to the last chapter but it talks about the story before the aunty who can connect with another space meet the other 2 guys who can detect the ghost but have hell no idea on how to diminish them. The shorter one between the 2 guys is the producer of this movie. James Wan has made his cameo remarkably as well! But he just acted as a director or judge which only showed up for just a short minute. 

I do not want to spoil your excitement towards this movie, so, I have to end on revealing to much for you guys! Haha! Just so you know, I rate this movie quite high! I don't even dare to take a bath on the first night! Haha! A little spoiler here, the ghosts inside do not have the facial items like nose and mouth, nothing on their faces just some swells and lumps. It reminded me of the past Hong Kong Chinese horror movie again! So you guys should probably check out this movie and don't try to knock your wall nearby your bed ya! Just to warn you! Haha!

If you still haven't watched the trailer yet, be sure to watch it first (right down below!!!) only step into the theater ya! To be more well-prepared for the high terrified scene you might be facing!

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