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Sometimes, it's FATE!!!

by - June 12, 2015

Sometimes, it's FATE!!! 
Why did I say so? It's because yesterday we (me and Ejoo) had a late lunch together. In actuality, this lunch date was supposed to be just 2 of us. Yet, I asked her last week whether to call more people to join us to have like some sort of high school classmate gathering. We were both asking different groups of people to join us. Unfortunately, it ended up to be like where it first has to be (just 2 of us, this song is freaking nice!). Gladys initially could make it on yesterday but something urgent happened on her friend and she has to be with her. And right here wish GOD bless her friend and family. And I heard Gladys had won a trip to Japan (in case you are reading this right now, I need to shout at you 'Chukahaeyo'!). That's why I always think it's all come with FATE!

We ordered 1 spaghetti, 1 salad and 1 sandwich! Next time I'll only write up the review on this cafe! Then chitchatting session is a MUST! We stayed there for more than 3 hours I think!

"Sometimes, you don't get what you want in life. Yet, that's okay! It's because GOD knows that you deserve better."   
-Sammy Tang.

Good things only go for people waits in patience.

 Just so you know, I had lunch with Ejoo yesterday at an downtown cafe. Okay, yesterday was a pretty epic and exhausting day. On my journey to the (West?? just kidding!) cafe, the traffic was stuck nearby the GorTeowLoh aka the fifth road (side note: only Penangites understand). Then, I drove across the jetty and the fort cornwallis field and passed by the guanyimteng. BOOM! The road is changed to one-way which means I had a higher probability of falling into puzzlement of lost and fear. I found a parking lot nearby the temple and decided to park there since I thought the cafe we wanted to go was pretty closed to where I parked. Then, Ejoo told me it was still far far away from the location. I drove to guang shen yang fu and phoned her again, she told me it was pretty near already. But in reality I think she has no idea where I was at that time! And so, I parked and walked to the front and saw a Subway on my right. Things got worse, walked down a bit, see Cititel. BOOM! Another missile of lost! Then I called her again, ended up decided not to trust her intuition and drove all the way to the Rainforest Bakery. Saw her, coincidentally and luckily a very nice and freaking nearby parking lot was waiting there for me! I bet the law of attraction does work! Finally, we only arrived after like more than a hour (safe saying).

Once again Ejoo! THANKS! Kamsahamnida! I know you are reading this! Haha! Thanks for subscribing to this blog! Muahaha! The food you gave me was delicious! The mooncake kind of thingy was from JIU FEN, Taiwan! It's so delicious! The green one was green tea and another one was pineapple nut (tasted like NgorJin mooncake). Though, I still prefer the salted eggs with meat floss one. Haha! I want to try the Moody Cow's salted egg cake!!! My sis said it was toothsome!

Yesterday after outing. Have to be a good girl down all the herbal soup! This is the BEST chinese medicine I had ever drunk! It was made with the kampung chicken. Steamed it until the juices squeezed out. This was actually not soup but the chicken pure juicy essence. Thanks dad and mom!
 My little Pinky Pong recently had changed her hairstyle into this BOW girl look! I know you want to be on Dance Mom right?! Haha!

Don't know why, recently got really mesmerised to writing up my blog. I think I still prefer blog to FB as this is MY space. Only you want to read, you click in and stay. I don't really like to upload tons of my face onto FB anymore (but I never did that so far!) as I just don't want to spam others' HOME haha! So BYE! SEEya!

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