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Makeup and Hairdo | Attending to a wedding dinner #3

by - June 01, 2015

Tang Karen Makeup Artist had went to Lone Pine Hotel at Penang for the makeup and hairdo service yesterday. This time was kinda special because the range of age was really huge. Let's see how Tang Karen applied her fantastic abracadabra in transforming her customers!

Here are the before-after pics!

Let us start with the little kid who is only 6-year-old! This is her bare face.
 After applied the makeup but before the hairdo session. As you can see, this makeup is prone to the girly and cutey-esque style. By taking the kids' personality of rubbing their faces all the time into consideration, the whole makeup is being applied in a thicker degree especially for the eye shadow. And don't forget the pinkish barbie-like lipstick!

After the hairdo session! This hairdo is totally inspired by the Korean kids' hairstyle. Messy yet classy. The fact is the kids would probably be running and chasing each other around at the wedding. Hence, the hairstyle is just curly with two of the braids which are embellished by the bright pinkish ribbons. In order to add volumes to her hair, a crimper is employed.

 Makeover is in progress....

This is the post-makeover of another customer. A feminine and light selection of makeup tools is applied. The hairstyle is inspired by the Hollywood short hairstyle which is chic yet elegant.

This is the pre-makeover pic.

Post-makeover to a softer and charming look with a tie-up hair to avoid sweating and summer heat.

Makeup Hairdo: Tang Karen Makeup Artist
 Photographer and editor: It's me! Wonder Queen aka T2SM.
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Services: Wedding, Occasional Dinner Makeup, Daily Makeup Tutorial (one-to-one), Day Makeup, Convocation Makeup, Prom Night, Male Makeup and etc.
Thanks for reading!

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