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端午节 || Duan Wu Festival & Dragon Boat Festival

by - June 20, 2015

端午节 || Duan Wu Festival & Dragaon Boat Festival
 Yep! This is my masterpiece! Pretty lehh (in local Penang Hokkien accent)! My friends are always so surprised by my decent and fluent Hokkien speaking. Like almost all strangers would perceive that I am English-educated. I don't know why. I speak Mandarin normally. Well, speaking of Chinese culture, I don't think I entertain any cultural ideas. I just know the titles of each event but not for the detailed history part. Nah! I hate history (recalling back to last sem seating for Hubungan Etnik).

Today, only today, I ferret that Duan Wu Festival falls on the 5th day of the 5th Chinese lunar month. And, Mr. Google tells me is today. OOO It's today (O huan zhu). If you ask me things regarding the history part of this event, I need to kowtow and beg you don't ask me that. All I know is there was a person died (I think his name was Qu Yuan, if not mistaken), then people want to search for his whole corpse waded in water, that's why an intelligent and creative guy said 'why not we wrap up some food and throw it into the sea to prevent fish eating the corpse'. And that wrap thingy is called Bak Zhang 肉粽 in nowadays. But some may call it as dumpling. That's it. Don't ask me any further on it!

I don't now how was it at your place, but my place in Penang was facing a really big and tremendous rainfalls and wind on this morning. As I was still lounging on my sofa, watching 'Devious Maid 3', my mom asked me and 4th sis to spare our leisure in trying a new thing (but it's not a new thing though, just we did not know how to do it). I have no idea on when was the last time I wrapped it, maybe when I was still 5 years old? No clue at all.
 The first 2 Bak Zhang by my mom as samplings for us to follow.

 Yes, she asked me to snap photos of her yet she didn't want to look at the camera like how she used to act. She thinks this way would make her look more natural! I bet her ambition is becoming a celebrity like Taylor Swift or Kim Kardashian surrounded by paparazzi for 24/7.
 Our family's FAV!!! Salted eggs! Without this, we rather don't eat it.

 I think the knack of wrapping has a positive correlation with the innate skill or instinct. I just overheard my mom boasting to dad saying me really got a skill! Haha!
 Finally the 1st batch is done!

 After slow-steaming for more than 30 mins, TahDah!!! This is my masterpiece aftercooked! We used the glutinous rice.

 How beautiful my creature is!

Well, daddy was preparing for the 2nd batch! This batch we'd use the healthier brown rice which was my idea!!! +show off!

Yeppi! It's a WRAP! I meant the END! I'll end here as I think I need to head back to the kitchen and lend my hands for my mom! BYE! And happy DUAN WU JIE!!!

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