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BUN Girls for Sandwich BUN \\ The Book Sandwich Cafe @ Beach Street, Penang.

by - June 09, 2015

BUN Girls for Sandwich BUN kind of day at The Book Sandwich Cafe lied in the Beach Street, Penang.

SSUP! I'm back from a longer than ever frustrated and infuriated state due to the last semester of Uni life! Finally, it ended pretty well. This ending exemplifies more catch-ups with my friends loop. I dated them out for lunch last week in themed of bun or so-called top-knot. I like this theme not only because of the sweltering heat but also it manages to elongate our body proportions. HAHA! An upcoming series of photos like the one down here is coming next but you need to give me some time to edit them coz it's like super taking my time!  

Here's the menu! We took quite some time (>30mins) to finalise what we were going to order. This shows no team leader involved only 3 idealess but cooperative team players. Haha!

While waiting for food, it was time for SHOOTING! The first one is Catherine Lee (Catherini lah!) and followed by Gladys Ooi (AEO is better! Haha!).

An overview of what we'd ordered on that day. For the heaven's sake, anyone with an empty plus growling stomach should leave now! As for now, even I just had my lunch I am literally tempted!

Roasted Lamb Sandwich (RM22.80)
Roasted lamb shoulder and mixed green served with chips. You may choose your own bread from options of French Batard, Loaf, Poppy Seed or Sesame Vienna. We chose the Poppy Seed coz it sounds so cute (GwiyoMI). Haha! For all practical purposes, I have no idea too. Catherini was the one who suggested. Talk about the bread, it is so soft and fluffy! It is not dry at all. I was quite surprised after I took a bite as mostly people serve with a slightly dry bread. The main hero of this dish is definitely the Lamb Shoulder! So juicy and tender! We often come across the hard lamb mutton which is as hard as a rubber. Too chewing to the negative side. This one is perfectly-cooked with a remarkable seasoning. It somehow tastes like Asian I don't know why haha! The Green is very toothsome as well. The portion is quite worthwhile the price!

The Real Burger (RM20.80)
This is an enemy for the gym-freaks! But not me! Haha! You can simply tell by this pic of how thick this is! Adhered with smoked bacon, cheese, pork pate, caramelise onion, tomato and free range egg. What a calories-boom! The protein level is swelling up! English muffin, charcoal bun or sesame bun are the options for you to select. Apparently, we chose the charcoal bun coz it's super dark! Again the bun is BOOM! I like it so much! I think I nearly divert into the nickname of ROTIKIA (ppl who freaking in love with bread)! The sesame seeds on top enhances the texture with the crunchy sound. The homemade pate is juicy and tender. The bacon is not salty. All together it tastes intoxicating! YUM!

Prawn Pesto Pasta (RM25.80)
Prawn with Buffallo Mozarella Pesto. 
You'd probably slightly edge your lips and try to enunciate the words- 'Buffalo Mozarella'. At first, I thought it will be like a normal kind of mozzarella that melts atop. By looking at the dish, I saw 3 little poached egg whites and one undercooked egg yolk. The moment I bit into the tiny white ball, my corneas quivered a bit as it wasn't egg. Haha! This white things are a kind of mozzarella made from the Italian buffalo milk. To be real honest, I have to say that it does not taste good as it tastes like cheese and a waft of liquid squeezes out from yogurt. But this is the new experience for me. This pesto is considered the light one so I think it might suit the taste-buds of new-tongues. The most remarkable item goes to the shrimps! They are so juicy and fresh plus crunchy (I don't know which word can describe it). In mandarin, we call it as 爽脆. LIKE!     

Alright, Ms Catherini took a series of this kind of photos. Not ready yet or TRUE-candid shot!

They have a group of nice and befriending staffs. Credit to one of the female staff who helped us taking these photos! And the chefs there are amazing as well coz they cook freaking delicious food that salves us emotionally! 

When I checked the selfie right after taking, I was shocked by the FLY (苍蝇) at the middle. The sunglasses look like the eyes of flies! Haha! AEO does have a lot of patterns: free-style, off-guard, ladylike...!

These orange skins remind me of traditional Red Bean soup cooked by my dad!

Okay this is called Totoro! Not hamtaro or what ya, AEO and Catherini!

Actually this is a candid shot. I did not intend to close my eyes. Catherine is getting more PRO d!

This is the front; where we ate was the back nearby the kitchen without air-conditional but a standing fan or air-con.

While we were having fun snapping selfies, I suddenly saw the dolls! And pointed towards them which scared Catherine! Haha! I was different with other kids back in the past as I always hate this kind of dolls (not barbie coz I love barbie so much). I think it's due to the aftermath of watching Child's Play. My dad used to play it every single day in his cafe! Haha!

Overall, I rate this cafe at a pretty high rank as the food and ambience are nice and delicate. Plus, the toilet is super comfortable as well (I think the toilet is the nitty-gritty as I won't go for a second time if the toilet of particular places looks disgusting plus haunted! Haha).

Details of The Book Sandwich Cafe @ Beach Street, Penang.
Address: 205, Lebuh Pantai, Georgetown, Penang. Nearby the Cozy and the Rocket and China House.
Tel: 04-261 3445
Business Hour: Tue to Sun (11.00am to 11.00pm) Closed on MON!

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