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IU MAKEUP 'Producer' 아이유 프로듀사 메이크업

by - June 15, 2015

IU MAKEUP 'Producer' 아이유 프로듀사 메이크업

 Anneong! HEY SUPPS! Today I had just uploaded the IU's Cindy MAKEUP in the K-Drama, 'Producer'! Have you watched this Korean Hottest Drama "Producer" yet? It may be a bit boring for the first episode but I think this drama is getting better in time! Throughout the whole drama, the most impressive makeup and fashion for IU is definitely during the first episode where she wore extremely sexy see-through outfits and had a falling-out with GONG HYO JIN and first met the KIM SOO HYUN. This look is sexy without any smokey eye which I adore the most since I don't really like smokey makeup (so hard to get rid of the makeup haha). Hope you like it! And how's my acting skill by the way? HAHA!

  1. Hair: I just slightly curled my 2/3 hair into big swells. And halved my hair into 4:5 ratio and tucked one side to the back.
  2. Earring: Since I'm not an earring person so I dug out my deepest closet inside and look what I discovered? That kind of kindergarten earrings! I combined two earrings on a single earlobe to make a chandelier like IU's. 
  3. Necklace: I made it from scratch which means I cut the unwanted black clothes into a 4cm line and added on a sham pearl (just fallen from one of my sister's necklace- Reuse)!
  4. Fashion: I just wore my black lace dress. 
  5. Makeup: You can watch it here, down below! 
 P/S: So sorry, my last video that I posted has some copyrighted problem. So, here's the latest one that I just re-uploaded! Thanks to those who PM me about the inaccessibility to the previous video!
CLICK HERE to watch the video!!!
Hope you like it and see you next time! BYE!

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