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Calories BOOMED // The Haven Harbour @ Chime Heritage, Penang.

by - June 23, 2015

Calories BOOMED // The Haven Harbour @ Chime Heritage, Penang.

Okay! This was happened about 10 days ago. After I went work-out and burning 400+ calories, my lovely 2nd sis brought me to 'waste' my calories (if you are a GYM-freak, I'm sure you grasp what I meant). I'm not saying the food served in this cafe is high calories or fat. It's just supposed to stick with clean eating right? I'm wailing now! But no EAT no gain! My muscle mass is increased after that day. Haha! So, this was actually our second place for lunch after the 1st one right here! That's why I'm saying CALORIES BOOMED!!! PS: sorry for our bare faces. Sunday means the rest day for our skin! Haha!

And, she even ordered this freaking high-calories cake!!! OMG! This is Salted Caramelize Mix Nut Cheese (RM14.90). To be real honest, this is a bit below expectation. Yet, the flavor is decent. Just the nuts on top are not crunchy like how we expected them to be. The crumbled cookies below are mushy. We incline to the crunchier one just like the The Alley Cafe. Overall the taste of this cake is considered nice and not too sweet. Maybe some improvement on the texture would be nicer. 
[Tips for DIET and FITNESS: I heard that NBA's trainers give their trainees the chocolate right after every muscle work-out to gain muscle. And I think my tried and tested proved it right.]

This was my first time to see her ordering a salad at eating-out. Weird!!! Normally, she won't dig in any salad if there were other delicious and greasy alternatives. My sis said their salad is super toothsome and she is hooked and infatuated. I really can't understand why on earth she entertains this mindset. This is Garden Salad (RM17.90). The funny thing is the one she ordered last time which hooked her up was actually the HH Caesar Salad. But she said this one is not bad as well.
The balsamic vinaigrette is the main sauce used in this salad which is sourish yummy. I think it opened my door of appetite for more food afterward haha! My favourite element of this is the mango cuts. They are really sweet! I like it but the calories are quite high in actuality. SAD! I'm not an avocado person so... ... But I can tell that their avocado is better than the Maccallum. Here's creamier. The greens are fresh too. Plus, the portion is quite BIG!

 While waiting for our pancake. Unluckily, the kitchen crew forgot to make ours. Ended up waiting for about 45mins or longer. But it's okay coz the pancake is the YUM!

Their waitresses were really nice and sincerely apologizing to us. This is the B&B Pancake Stacks (RM20.90). This was my 2nd sis's idea again. She ate it before and was hooked up ever since. Her distinct loss is always sticking to the fixed foods that she loves. She's afraid of taking risks in ordering other new menu. 
First and the foremost, the portion is HUGE! Calories BOOMED again! The homemade pancakes with shades of banana pieces beneath are soft, fluffy and not mushy and not too sweet. The texture is flawless. But then if you intermingle the with other ingredients, BOOM! The YUM! The strawberries are sweet, bananas are fresh but the toasted almond can be given more haha! The maple syrup definitely pushes this pancakes up to the next level. I think the big hero of this dish is actually the bacon! I'm always not a bacon person but this bacon really got me away. It's thin-sliced and at the medium saltiness. THUMBS UPPP! (Wi-Arae-Wi-Wi-Arae 위아래-EXID)

As for the interior design, this place definitely fits with its name 'Haven Harbour'. Although I'm not sure about the true reason behind this name but I take it as a meaning of shelter. A shelter for adults to beat a retreat of this busy society for awhile. This place is fulled of teddy bears! If you want to visit here, I suggest you to dine in at the upstairs which has a cuter wall design and more teddy bears!

I saw people borrowing these cute Korean-like designed caps for snapping pics. But I didn't haha!
They are GST free! Now I only realize that why did the cashier keyed in 4 pax instead of 2? Did he or she see others beside us??? OMG! Creepy!!!

Details of The Haven Harbour @ Chime Heritage, Penang.
Address: 21, Jalan Bawasah, 10050 Penang, Malaysia. (Beside Big Fat Hen, near to New World Park, Continental Bakery)
Business Hour: Mon-Sun 11.00am to 12am (CLOSED ON WED)
Tel: 604-226 6508

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