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Foxy FOLKS // Folks Cafe @ Lebuh Acheh, Penang

by - November 04, 2014

I know, it's been a long time since my last update. I'm not that kind of author who can always update day by day, like 24/7! Haha! Foxy FOLKS??? Nuh! We are not foxy at all but maybe relate to the other meanings... Sexy like a fox? MMM Maybe haha but just for Catherini! This happened on last Wednesday. Me and my foxy FOLK of food tried out some good food at the Folks Cafe which located at Lebuh Acheh, Penang. If you ask me how could you get there, my answer would be, go ask GPS! Haha! I can only tell you, it located in the heritage area. But if you know Flashback, then, it's easier as it located just beside of it, under the same manpower and master-brain.

We arrived there quite early, so we managed to pay a visit to a temple nearby. We waited outside for like 10mins and it still closed. But it was already 12.15pm. So, this happened, sorry owner, I know we are not supposed to step into your cafe without your appearance but the weather was just too scorching hot...

 Don't ask me how I took this pic... haha this is a secret between me and Cathe!

 小姐,在等一个人的咖啡吗?Recently, this is the hottest caption. I haven't watched yet as I'm a horror movie-goer!

 The environment here is congenial. Each corner does have its own unique embellishments and style. I felt relieved like I was in the Hawaii or somewhere near the sea!
 Here's some of the parts from the menu!

 Here comes the FOOD! My favourite!
 Carbonara (RM 16)
Both of us like this so much. This is kinda special. It's a fusion pasta. It taste like Japanese Takoyaki. Maybe it's the presence of bonito. Creamy yet not to disgusting as some serve a very creamy-and-disgusting-at-the-end Carbonara. The silky egg definitely adds some flavors and textures to it. YUMMY!

 Smoky Salmon 8-inch Pizza (RM 16)
As I'm not a risk-taker (hate it when I get disappointed when I tried new food) so I order the mainstream one. Muahaha! Yes again the bonito makes me feel like I'm in Japan! I believe that the pizza dough is not handmade one, yet, the edge of the pizza is cruncy and not too doughy. The smoked salmon is not smelly at all (some may)! At the counter, you can help yourself with variety of sauces from ketchup to mustard.

 Cannot-resist-face! Haha!

TQ to the waitress, perhaps the owner for taking these pics...!

This is how it looks like from the roadside! But you won't see this beautiful foxy FOLK outside lah when you visit here... haha

Details of Folks Cafe
Address: 41, Lebuh Acheh, Penang 
Business Hour: MON until WED: 12pm - 10:30pm, 
FRI n SAT : 12pm - 12am, 
SUN: 12pm - 6pm, 
Closed on THURSDAY
(I suggest you to phone there first to make sure whether the owner is there)
Tel: 010 232 5163 (SMS for reservation)
Facebook Page: Folks cafe FB

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