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Scrounging back my SOUL // Soul Cafe @ Kek Chuan Road, Penang.

by - October 22, 2014

Yep, I was scrounging back my SOUL at the newly opened Soul Cafe which located at the Kek Chuan Road, Penang after a prolonged hiatus of updating here. I am now busying over my uni stuffs and so I do not have much time in blogging. Although the assignments hasn't knocked my door yet (some had), I just find myself being lazy to even touch my laptop (you know when you got Astro at home). By means of 'scrounging back my SOUL', I had officially stepped out of a lot of looming plagues (most probably the dissertation). Haha! Okay, enough for self-updating!

The day before Monday, my stomach was holding an orchestra concert after the clock chimed in 12 at night. I was so agitated and my er jie (second sis named Karen) promised to bring me out on Monday for brunch. We set our mind to burger at Spade's Burger but unfortunately, it closed on Mon stated on the food blog. Then, fate brought this cafe to us, Soul Cafe!

Happy Faces after fueling up our stomach about 60%.

The menu here is quite simple and doesn't have much choices.

The theme of this Cafe from my perspectives is all about photography. You may see a lot of portraits on wall. 

 The password for the social network freak haha. We didn't use it as our minds totally blank due to the starvation.

Here's the FOOD!
Pesto Pasta, Tagliatelle/Spaghetti (RM14)
We chose the normal Spaghetti as our pasta. I personally do not fond of the wide-in-shape Tagliatelle as I think that it tastes somewhat like Koay Teow in texture. The flavor is yummy, not over greasy as Pesto is all about basil and olive oil, a bit of saltiness which stuns my tongue. I love it! The only thing that is missing here is the protein... I mean meat or egg... haha

Egg Benedict with Smoked Salmon (RM15)
As you can see in the picture above, the egg yolk is cooked perfectly and runny. I really hate it when the cafe serves us over-cooked egg for this typical brunch dish. The smoked salmon is toothsome, doesn't have that gross and nauseous fishy smell. However, the homemade muffin doesn't really impress me, a bit too dry in texture like Banggali Roti. Or maybe it's the lack of Hollandaise Sauce hehe! The green salad is refreshing, sourish and light. Overall, this dish is just nice. I prefer the egg benedict served by the cafe on the opposite site, Bail Le Bistrot !!!

Some shots of us...
 Okay, I couldn't wait any longer, let's dig in!
 When it comes to FOOD, I'm really serious one. Just kidding. But, still somewhat serious as that day was my cheat day!!!

 I didn't try their desserts as I only found out after paying the bill. haha!

I think this cafe offers affordable food and drinks with welcoming and nice waitress (that Japanese girl, we thought she was a Korean at first. I'd definitely pay another visit here!

Details of the Soul Cafe
Address: 12, Jalan Kek Chuan, 10400 Georgetown, Penang.
Tel: 04-226 8200 // 016-478 8598
Business Hour: Mon to Sat 11am to 11pm (closed on SUN, why?) haha
Facebook: Soul Cafe

More and more food posts are coming soon... ...!
Instagram: wonderqueen_

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