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Makeup and Hairdo | Do you want to look like a KOREAN?

by - October 01, 2014

 Do you want to look like a KOREAN

Yes, being look like a KOREAN is kinda like a in-thing ever since the year of 2007 or so.

Attending a best friend's wedding as a bridesmaid? Basically, it's not your big day. However, there's still plentiful of ways to style yourself for a wedding and still leave enough limelight for your best friend or the bride-to-be. 

It's even greater if you look like a KOREAN when you are not a KOREAN, right?! This romantically waves throw her a more matured and sexy look which at the meantime not too fancy and formal. The light and soft makeup makes her look ladylike and resemble to a KOREAN (which evidently the brows)!

Makeup Hairdo: Tang Karen Makeup Artist
 Photographer and editor: It's me! Wonder Queen aka T2SM.
If you are interested, please kindly PM (Personal Message/ Inbox) Tang Karen Makeup Artist via Facebook. Services: Wedding, Occasional Dinner Makeup, Day Makeup, Convocation Makeup, Prom Night, Male Makeup and etc. Thanks for reading!

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