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【曼谷必去】B-Story Cafe不去會後悔的超人氣打卡教堂式咖啡廳·韓劇《鬼怪》的場景Thailand.

by - February 20, 2018

【曼谷必去】不去會後悔的超人氣秘密打卡教堂式咖啡廳 B-Story Cafe, Thailand. 【MUST EAT in BANGKOK】You'll REGRET if you don't go to the famous hipster hidden cafe which is in Church style.

【曼谷必去】不去會後悔的超人氣打卡教堂式咖啡廳·韓劇《鬼怪》的場景?B-Story Cafe, Thailand.

一般人都只會去一些比較普遍的咖啡廳,對吧?這次想推薦的是一家非常隱藏版的咖啡館,很多網美都來這裡打卡過哦!它就是B-Story Cafe。那裏晚上會比較多人,因爲鄰近有許多酒吧,聽説晚上有很多道地的泰國歐巴、美眉去喝酒放鬆的哦!我們去B-Story Cafe的時候是早上11點左右,所以比較冷清。但是就是喜歡這種冷清清、冷颼颼的感覺。B-Story Cafe的美,是那種你錯過會後悔18年的美呢!因爲無論是裏外都非常幽美、很適合拍一些假文青的照片、當個網美哈哈!此外,B-Story Cafe也有餐單哦,有賣食物、飲料等。價格合理、味道棒棒噠!而且,非常容易找到B-Story Cafe,因爲一下Ratchathewi的BTS站,就可以看到一座歐式教堂咯~

Normal people would only go to those common cafes, right? This time, I would like to recommend this fairly hidden cafe whereby a lot of Instagrammers check-in here! It's B-Story Cafe. There would be crowded at night as a lot of adjacent pubs and I heard that many Thai Oppas and pretty girls would hang out there with alcohol for relaxation! We went to B-Story Cafe at around 11am, it's more deserted. But I like this kind of empty, lonely feeling. The beauty of B-Story Cafe is like that kind of beauty you'll regret for 18 years if you'd missed it! As it's pretty inside out, super suitable to take those hipster-wannabe shots and be a instagrammer haha! Furthermore, B-Story Cafe has its menu too which inclusive of food and beverages. Reasonable price with great flavor! Plus, it's super easy to find B-Story Cafe, once you step out of Ratchathewi's BTS station, you'd then be able to see a westernized church~

*謝謝💓喜歡本宮上回泰國合艾自由行的朋友,如你有興趣閱讀 ⬇️ Thanks to those who love my previous posts pertaining to Hatyai, Thailand, if you're interested to read it more*

如果你还没有Airbnb的帐号,可以用我的专用链接🔗 (www.airbnb.com/c/wonderq2),那你就可以即刻索取RM105,这回馈可以用于预订Airbnb的房间。

For the first time user, u may use my Airbnb link (www.airbnb.com/c/wonderq2)and get RM105 credit for your next trip!

Behold! The view from afar, isn't it getting some kinds of Hayao Miyazaki's cartoon feel? It's so healing just by looking at it.

聽説B-Story Cafe真的是由一座老舊的教堂打造翻新的咖啡館。外面种了滿滿的花朵,裏面也擺有幽美的花朵裝飾。簡直讓人誤以爲是在歐洲呢!而且,裏面的裝潢真的很像韓劇《鬼怪》的場景。因爲本宮最近才追這部劇呀~B-Story Cafe很像孔劉大叔住的屋子。
I'd heard that B-Story Cafe is in fact built from a time-worn church. There has lots of flowers planted at the outside, even inside is being decorated by fascinating flowers. It literally makes us think of we were in the Europe! Moreover, the interior design looks akin to the set from the Korean drama 'Goblin'. As I recently just started to binge watching this drama~ B-Story Cafe is similar to Gong Yoo's house.

【泰國曼谷2018】RM899玩翻5天4夜孝親自由行·廉價旅遊攻略·BUDGET PARENT TRIP TO BANGKOK, THAILAND.

As a girl, I definitely have to first walk towards the dessert glass display counter ~ Every dessert in this cafe looks appetizing! Plus, big in portion, not expensive at all.

B-Story Cafe一部分的餐單。Some pages of menu from B-Story Cafe.

因爲我們打算午餐去Terminal 21的Food Court吃道地的泰國美食,所以就簡單地點了幾樣甜點、飲料。順便說,這一餐是本宮買單的!小女長大了!哈哈!久久一次啦~要賺更多錢!!!
Since we decided to head to Terminal 21's Food Court for the local Thai delicacy, we just simply ordered a few desserts and drinks. Not forget to mention it here, I paid for this bill! I'd grown up! Haha! Once in a blue moon~ I wanna earn more BREAD/money!!!

【曼谷必吃美食】TERMINAL 21超廉價、值得的高人氣美食廣場 FOOD COURT|EAT IN BANGKOK

獨家蔬果沙拉 B-Story Garden Salad(185 baht \ RM18.5++)

3rd sis ordered this salad. She thought that this could be able to alleviate the guiltiness gained from overeating?! Haha! Quite a big portion. Actually, it's considered as cheap, as you won't manage to find this kind pricing in Malaysia! Strawberry, blueberry are being served in quite a fair amount. There's a small bowl of berry yogurt dressing. The combination is fresh and yummy.

櫻桃起司撻 Cherry Cheese Pie(125 baht \ RM12.5++)

Moderate in sweetness, cheese flavor is strong too. I super in love with the crunchy biscuit crumbs at the bottom.

飲料 Beverages(85-135 baht \ RM8.5-13.5++)

B-Story Cafe的飲料都被可愛化了,拍照上傳IG是最適合不過的了!尤其是那個用熊熊模型製造的咖啡冰塊!超用心的!
B-Story Cafe's drinks and beverages are being adorned with cute style, it's the most suitable to snap a photo of it and upload on Instagram! Especially for that coffee ice cube which is being sculptured in a bear mould! A lot of efforts being taken!

吃飽飽,當然要開始扮文青、拍網美似的照騙咯~因爲B-Story Cafe原本的室内設計美爆了,所以怎樣拍、哪個角落都很水水哦!B-Story Cafe有兩層地方給你僞‘痲豆’。
After filling up the tummies, of course it's time to start our hipster or online social media influencers alike photo-shooting session! B-Story Cafe has 2 floors for you to fake in the role as a model.

What facial expression is this?

Why is my face being blocked haha~

Acting sexy~

She likes to bite her sunglasses~

I helped them taking some wedding outdoor shoots? Haha! My service fee is significantly expensive!

Even it's a stone statue, she also wanna flirt with it~

Why did he capture my flip flop?

I hope you all like this post, let's meet up next time! Follow up would have the blog posts regarding Korea Trip!

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B-Story Cafe

Address: B-Story cafe. BTS. Ratchathawi Station Exit4
Business Hour: 10am-11pm (EVERYDAY)

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