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I got in the Shop&Sing...

by - September 05, 2010

Yesterday, I went to Queensbay Mall for the Shop & Sing competition. When I reached there I was very nervous actually. Due to there was crowded by the contestants. Many old aunty and uncle participated it. I got nervous and nervous. Then my dear sis accompanied me to register and I got my T-shirt. My number was 122. First of all i was very happy as i can see about 100 participants sing first and this will calm me down. But as the time flied by, I found that my legs are really sored. Stood there hour and hour. Really pitiful. Sunddenly i saw See Ke Xin and her sis. I decided to greet them. OMG, Nomber 122, It's me. I went up to the stage and sang. I can vaguely hear the applauses. I'm very happy with it. haha After i sang, I went back and found my sisters. They thought that i dodn't nervous at all but when they touched my hands they knew it that i was Super nervous... I always asked them how was my voice but they just nodded their heads and give me fake smiles. Afterward, My sisters brought me to for the sharing. It was delicious but I was worrying that result. My sis said if i won she paid for my lunch but if not I must help her on Sunday. Fortunately, I got in this .........haha really happy about this. But 8th Sept 2010 i must sing again and nervous another time. Aigoooooooooooo

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