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OMG...Contact lens...

by - September 03, 2010

Just now, I went to the spectacles shop which owned by my father's friend to get my cONTACT LENS. Actually, I'm very scared due to my eyes are totally sensitive. I was panic and it took around half an hour for the uncle tutors me. I opened my eyes like a ghost and often touched my iris. OMG!! My eyes were not under my control, they always close as i want to place the contact lens. I cry and cry and even made the uncle chuckling. He told me million of time to encourage me not to fear but my eyes were too naughty as they close automatically. Later, i went back home and pleaded my sis to teach me again but she was very impatient and implied me that I'm too coward. So I HATE HER!!! KEKEKE erm Being now still left about 12 hours as the tournament will start....

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