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Speechless....Or don't speak!!!!

by - October 02, 2010

Nowadays, have many things in my life which always make me speechless!!!! I think I should sing No Doubt's 'Don't speak'!!! This song is so meaningful. It's explicable!!! Yesterday, when I attended to the BM tuition, I was frightened by someone!!! She always sits beside me in tuition. I think she is gorgeous indeed... She speak in English every time and I haven't talk to her before. But miracle is happening that she talk to me! Below is our dialogue:
Her: Where do you study? Ping hwa or Union?
Me : huh? {Due to the fearful I asked her to say again indirectly}
Her: Where do you study?
Me : Union. How about you?
St George's Girls School, Malaysia
I nodded my head and she continued
Her: So you are taking accounting?
Me : Yup.
her : Your school's trail exam is over?
Me : Yup. N you?
Her : Nope , next MOnday is the last day. Have you taken Science ?
Me : Yes.
Her : Then you have 11 subjects right?
Me : No. Just 10 only.
Her : Ou I thought that it's 11 coz i have 11 subject!!!
Me : OOO...
Her : Are you taking Art too?
Me : nOpe I'm just taking Perdagangan and Accounting.
Her : ooo Then you must be busy for this exam..
Me : I think so but I think you are more busier than me right?
Her : Why?
Me : Don't you take Physic, chemistry and biology?
Her : Yup you too right? Don't you?
Me : No you had misunderstood me. I mean I'm taking common Science...
Her :ooo
Then teacher started to teach again...
Actually I have a bit nervous when I spoke English. I have a long time don't speak in English...
Aigoo I'm not an expert yet!!!
And her English is really good, have the England slang...
MMM I like to talk to her due to can improve my English speaking skill!!!


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