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Thr33 pieces of Cake...

by - October 23, 2010

Omg, today i have eaten a lot of food!!!
I woke up at around 8 a.m. and chose my white t-shirt. After 15 minutes, I finally found the T-shirt. Then, I went to kitchen for finding some food. Suddenly, I smelled an aro
ma. Wow my daddy has cooked for us-----egg Porridge. I could not control myself ,so, I ate two bowls of porridge!!! My Xiah!!! As I enjoyed watching TV and ate my 'breakfast', time also had passed. I found that it was already 9.35 a.m. Finally, I started my journey to Zi Qiong's house.
I'm the last one whom arrived there. So , I was a little bit nervous and embarrassed !!! We talked a lot, played a lot. Megan was so insane with micky while i watched the video of TVXQ via youtube!!! Lei Ling and Wendy goh crazy about 2pm. Hae B was very 'kiam pa' due to she forgot about something!!! Then, they decided to give Lei ling surprise first!!! Wow then I ate a piece of tiramisu cake!!! OMXIAH!!!
Afterward, they were very dissapointed by Hae B. In order to kill the sorrow, we watched 'Orphan' for 2 minutes. Because of Hae B's call, all of us go to her house as fast as bee and as happy as a bride...**Thanks Zi Qiong's driver!!!
Haha we want to frighten Hae B so we hided beside her house. "Xin Qian", then we shouted. Her facade told us that she was very surprised and ardent!!! Then we gossipped and i ate a piece of choco cake again.
At 6 pm, we celebrated my fouth sis birthday and i ate again the cake!!!
Erm, I think I can able to not eat any cake for a month. haha

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