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Bye bye to Megan with smile.

by - February 23, 2012

The day after tomorrow, I will be sending Megan in the airport. She is going to Sydney. Wow, such a good opportunity for her. She will surely learn a load of experiences and things at there. But she is very brave as she can go there alone. Haha For me I will surely shed into tears every single night.
She held a farewell party last weekend at her cousin's house. I got frightened and astounded after seeing the delicious and various food on the table. It was like a hotel with many foods provided. I ate the fruits salad and it was tasty and refreshing. Great to lose weight with this intoxicating salad.
We talked and took a load of selcas by using Zi Qiong's camera. We were like insane kids in the kindergarten. Haha. I gave her a headband which I bought from Sabah. She said she exactly in love with it. I felt awesome that she loved it even her sister did.
After the party, Zi Qiong steered me and Hae B to her house. Hae B went back first while I staying inside of her house for waiting my sis to come and fetch me. Afterward, I showed Zi Qiong's some pictures of the Korean artists before undergoing plastic surgery. She was like, "OMG, it's scary! Damn! I'm gonna have a nightmare." Damn funny don't ya think so? Not very long, I went back home. I took a few selca on that night. Haha I think it's pretty! Woot^^
Okay, bye now. Bye Megan too! But not yet until this Friday^^

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