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Christmas In 2011

by - December 27, 2011

This Christmas was very fun and exhausted for me. I woke up at 12pm something and went downstairs to my living room. I watched TV and ate something prepared by my loving dad. In between, my dad was mumbling me and asking me faster go to the super market for buying the ingredient of baking a cake as he gave me RM 50 a day before but I didn't use it up.
About 2pm, my 3rd sis asked me and 4th sis to take a bath quickly and she wanted to steer us to the Sunshine Square Supermarket. Then, we went there. There was crowded as on that day was Christmas Eve many people wanted to buy their things and some of them were enjoying their holiday. My sis parked her car at across the road like 80 feet from Sunshine Square. It was so far for my 4th sis and she didn't even know how to cross the gutter. She was freaking me out as I need to give her a hand to pull her come and my leg was cramp as on that morning I worked out. Alright, finally walked to our destination.
We choosed our ingredient and walked here and there and then here to find our things. We could not find the ham at first. Then finally I saw the board written "non-halal". Afterward, we paid without lining up in line. Walked again to the place where we came. 3rd sis said she wanted to eat Subway and get the calender which full with the coupon. My 4th sis and I went to buy them, were waiting about few minutes which more than 15 minutes. We bought four of the Subway and went back home. One of the four Subway has double cheeses. When I reached out my hand wanted to get one of them while watching TV, my 3rd sis flexed her hand and grabbed that which I wanted to eat. Then, I choosed the other. Later, she figured out hers did not have double cheeses. Haha Laugh out loud. When I opened mine, wow there's many cheeses in mine haha.
About 30 minutes from that, I started to bake my choco cake. 4th sis was helping me on it. We found our materials and started to bake. Wow it was so easy than I thought. The process was very fast. I took loads of pictures for memories. My 2cd sis cooked her favourite spaghetti after she got back. Around 7 pm, my eldest sis got home with her hubby. OMG, she wore a pinaform(school uniform). Haha!! She said she had ordered four set of pizza from Domino. But after all of us ate finished those foods, the pizzas had not reached yet. I thought the delivery person might get lost. Wow my guess was correct. After few conversation between eldest sis with that person, he found our house but he took the wrong pizza. OMGosh!! He then got back immediately to get the real one for us. He had phoned us asking whether we still want that slow-pizza. We definitely wanted it as I hungry again.
45 minutes for the pizza to fill my stomach. Okay, it took me so much of time. haha Then, I forgot what happening following up. And right here wishing everyone in this world can be healthy and always staying with there beloved family members.
Here's some pictures I took!

While baking the cake....

The decorated cake by me.

Looks like very delicious but actually it was undercooked.

A X'mas present from a soulmate. Happy^^

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