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by - November 26, 2011

I just watched this film right after my presentation of Macroeconomics today. Kelly steered me to Gurney Plaza. I taught her to park her car at the spot in front of the Convent Pulau Tikus. We walked along the sidewalk for around 3 minutes to reach our destination. She kept nagging that she should not follow my words to park at there. Haha.

We first went to the GSC by stepping on the escalators to check the timetable. 5:15pm as a student was just required to pay RM7. Afterward, we went to basement to press the ATM machine for getting some pocket money. After buying the food and drink (I drank a box of chocolate milk for aiming to gain my height), the time was reached.

In the cinema, we sat together and ate together quietly to prevent anyone around us noticing we ate outside food haha. Okay now I am gonna talk about the movie. Pretty funny but it's a little over for me. No offence. I just reveal my opinion. This film has no any boring part but there was just a little, um don't know how to describe haha. About the ending part, there was a little bit boring. That's just my opinion, my point of view.

The result of the above maybe was came from myself. Maybe it's because I was studying in girls high school so I could not understand or estimate what they were doing in this film. Actually, I found that the main actress looked a bit similar with Chan Hou's girlfriend. Both of them are really pretty for me. N I still prefer to watch horror or funny or criminal movies. These kinds of love movie, I can just adapt to watch the English movie. Their movie is more attracting and captivating me. Such as "He is just not that into you", "Today was a fairy tale"... ...

Wow, I need to really pay attention on my examination this time and I do. I will do my hardest working in them. Plus, I am gonna attend the singing lesson in order to achieve my goals and dreams. Okay, let's fly to the sky^^ I love studying a lot!!!!

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