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Today was a Fairy Tale !!!

by - March 23, 2011

SPM was revealed today. This day I was so surprised that I got 8As... WanTheng was the 1st person told me this good new. I hugged her and Yee Wen. Yee Wen cried too... Haha so funny she was too happy until crying. I met a lot of friends like both of them I mentioned before, AEO, Zi Qiong, Evelyn, Hae B and etc. haha I hope that my friends can see their future more clearly and obviously after the result had been taken. We took photos and talked. Hae B shouted very loud when she knew that I got 8 As haha.
But there's one thing that makes this Fairy Tale changed... That is my name has been abandoned and does not appear in newspaper. I am not that care about it but I am just feeling that there must be a problem. Who did this??? Pn ting??? Form 5 student??? I just want the answer ok?! Alright, tomorrow my dad will phone the school to give me an answer. I need to make sure it. Why did they do this kind of foolish mistake??? So frustrated. It astounds and pesters me badly.
Gratitude. The most important thing in this world. I need to thanks Wan Theng, Yee Wen and Li Ling for teaching me. Kamsahamnida!!! Thanks buddha for helping me reach my goals. I really got what I want and even more than I want. Love it too much. Thanks my 1st sis treated me a lunch at Korean restaurant and will be giving me some rewards, 2cd and 4th sis accompanied me to school, 3rd sis felt happy to it, daddy and mommy gave me money$$$ haha I really appreciate !!! Thanks to E joo and Megan for asking me my result. I love you guys. Thanks Hae B shouted my name loudly to make me more famous haha. Thanks Chiew Yen, YunShi and everybody that congrated me.
Even though there have some bad memory but for me today was a Fairy Tale. It made me realized that nothing is impossible and nothing is perfect. haha
I like The Coffee Bean too...

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