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* Happy Chinese New Year of 2011 *

by - February 05, 2011

I really love CNY. Haha Maybe it's because I can share my leisure time with my loving family members. Before the CNY, my family and I were baking the 'kuih Kah Pik'. It was very hot actually*** haha But it was freaking fun. I love that occasion... Ours work is quite nice to eat^^
This year has a bit different with before...It's because I ate re-union dinner twice...The reason is my 1st sis has been married ...Yup, I actually not that into him but I'll try my best to accept him.
The 1st day of CNY, nothing special at all except my mom was on her make-up by my sis. Pretty gorgeous. Then, mom and dad were going to my cousin's house without us. Erm, it's hard to explain why we do not want to join our cousin. It may be they are too cocky.haha whatever...I ate a loads of ba gua and cake that made by my sis and I. Yummmm. At 8 o'clock, parents were backed and my dad persuaded us to play some game with him. That was casino of home*** I won RM7 with a pair of moneyless-hands haha. So lucky**
Next day, we went to Neway for singing. I hate the food that prepared by them. Maybe it because of CNY all the chefs were on their leave haha. I will forgive them. Besides, I hate their PA system so much. My voice was very unangellic through that system. Later, we took a lot of photos and have some rest at home. At night, we went to Sunshine Square for striking.
I love balling but i don't really know how to play it well. As a conclusion, I lost. haha. BUt I was happy to see my dad and others were smiling around. That's why we called it as a family.
3rd day of the CNY, they were starting to play casino and deal whereas I was watching Stephen Chow'movie. He was the man who made me smile all day long** After that, we decided to go to strike again on that night. This time was including my mom who was always teach us how to play but in fact she hasn't ever played it. haha. We played a couple game, I was the last in the 1st game but I was the 4th in the last game. haha happy. Then I ate ice-cream at 11.45pm. OMG
It's not different for the coming day but until the 9th of CNY. I did a lots of housework and enjoy TVXQ's songs. My dad cooked a soup for us and it gained my weight. I wore my newest nightgown and pray for the chinese god. I wish a lot of things but I cannot share with you guys haha. They are secrets. All of us enjoy the fireworks together and chit-chat a loads. But on that night I was a little down so I hidden myself in my dad's Benz.Many people got shocked when they found that I was in that red-car. Afterward, we burned that gold paper for the god and cleaned the dirts. I got my sleep at 2 am.
That's all my stories about CNY of 2011. So, wishing that our dreams can be heard by god and be came true. Bye take care my friends.....

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