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Photo of the DAY #7 \\ I'm SOLO and I'm HAPPY! \\ 黄金剩女

by - December 28, 2017

Photo of the DAY #7 \\ I'm SOLO and I'm HAPPY! \\ 黄金剩女

Yes, today's topic is a little bit audacious. Solo? What's wrong with being solo? What I wanna address here isn't only regarding marital status, but also daily life routine. Being solo when watching movies, shopping, eating, driving. It's totally fine. However, this is the stance of younger and modernized generation. Older generation would definitely think we're crazy doing things solo and most importantly to be a single and live a solo life. It's ridiculous! When we were in secondary school, they asked us not to date as we were still young; when we are in the mid of 20s, they keep on annoying us with questions like when are you gonna get a boyfriend and if you already have one, they would ask you how much your boyfriend earns for a month. Stop that adult! What's wrong with you haha! And they really like to arrange speed dating.... To be honest, I had been trapped before by my parents to several speed dating... Please imagine that I roll my eyes to the back and sustain for 5 minutes... Haha! I'm really enjoying my me-time solo moment now. A sip of long black, tugged in my comfy blanket, watching cartoons... This is called life! I even eat lunch by my own at office. People ask me why I'm so bold to be able to eat solo, I was like... Can you ask me some questions that are with higher quality and depth? *Roll eyes* WTH!

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She's Wendy Goh Wan Theng. I met her at 13 years old at high school and she was our assistance monitor haha. I saw her cried for the first time too on that year~

She's Megan Chiew Pei Wen aka ladymeg. The first one who got married among us. She was with her curly hair when I first met her haha.

She's HaeB Lim Xin Qian. The one I used to hate during Form 2 due to some controversies and misunderstandings. Haha! That's why I named her HaeB (dried sea shrimp). I don't hate to eat that though. haha.... I'm crazy...

She's Twoani Toh Woan Ni. My first impression to her was 'Oh Goddess sitting next to the windows'... Haha! She's the tallest among us.

She's Ejoo Sn'g Yi Joo. I would say she's the most shy person among us haha! You can determine it from these few shots. It's really hard to take photos of her as she would just cover her mouth and laugh at her own.

She's Wonder Queen / Wonder Sammy / Tang Zhen Shan Mei. She's weird. It's hard to mingle with her. She can't accept new things or cultures. You have to give her some time to adapt to each changes. If she hates you, she'd show it rather than pretending with disguise. She loves carrot cake from Secret Recipe. *It's so weird to describe my own haha*

Some additional shots for my lovely photographer~

The reality is...
Triple chins...

Kungfu HaeB...

**Qiong was absent... Too bad....

📷 ➡️ Canon 700d 18-135mm

Dear all single girls,

Don't rush yourself. Don't push yourself. Just be in the zen. Seize the moments when you're presented with. Stay calm. God hears you. You just gotta believe in it.


Wonder Queen.

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