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10 Amazing Life Hacks for weight loss by TOP YOUTUBE Star - WENGIE that everyone should know!!! How to lose weight easily during this Christmas?

by - December 13, 2017

10 Amazing Life Hacks for weight loss by TOP YOUTUBE Star - WENGIE that everyone should know!!! How to lose weight easily during this Christmas?

10 Amazing Life Hacks for weight loss by TOP YOUTUBE Star - WENGIE that everyone should know!!! How to lose weight easily during this Christmas?

Alright! I bet diet and weight loss topics are always everyone's favourite topics to discuss with friends over a cup of tea or most probably a glass of detox juice. Do you know WENGIE? Or do you know about the hot topic - LIFE HACKS? Yes, she's the most promising Asian YouTuber in the world!!! She's from Australia and I really like her life hacks videos. In her video, she shared with us her 30 tips of LAZY LIFE HACKS of losing weight.

What's coming soon? You're right! Christmas aka X'MAS is here!!! Just another month you'll get fed like a BEAST! But you don't want to ruin your healthy life style and wanna keep on track of losing those stubborn fats?

Yes!!! I'll just pick up 10 of them that I personally agree with the most and share with you guys right HERE, right NOW! So that you could be enjoying your Christmas with tons of yummy food and with your beloved without adding any pound onto your body and even lose a pound.

Ready?! Here you go!

  • Use a smaller plate and bowl. Wengie said that she found out from one study shows that by using a smaller bowl and plate than the usual size you use can actually help you in eating less. Coz you'll be cheated mentally and psychologically that you had eaten a lot from this tiny bowl or plate as your food would probably be heaped which looks more than the reality since it has less space.

  • Match the food with your plate in contrasting colors. Wengie found out another study says that we'll be more conscious on how much we are actually intaking by using the different or contrasting colour like reddish tomato spaghetti with a blue plate.

  • Get enough sleep. Wengie said that this is by far one of her FAVs! It's sleeping! People often think that sleeping relates to laziness. However, it's not for this case. The weight loss experts found that if you do not have your eye-shut for about 7-8 hours long at night, you'll ruin your metabolism and increase your stress hormones. This leads to the increase of the figure when you stand on your enemy - scale. Haha!

  • Make your GYM attire your daily uniform at home. Wengie feels more energetic and healthy when she wears the on-the-go sport bra at home. I personally feel this as I truly believe in the Law of Attraction. A lot of people they use this meditation thingy to lose weight without even exercising.

  • Eat slowly. I'm totally agree with Wengie when it comes to this. I usually eat my lunch slowly like about 45 mins to 1 hour. Researches show that you'll eat less when you chew slower as your brain needs time to transmit the signal that you're full. So, when you eat slower, you'll realize that you are full and it helps in weight loss.

  • SPICE up your life. Wengie just realized that chilli is her top secret of being skinny. Experts said that spicy stuffs reinforce your body metabolism. So, if you wanna shed some pounds on X'MAS, do the Korean Spicy Noodle Challenge then! Haha!

  • Wear a size smaller. Wengie is always afraid of overeating in her pyjamas. She suggested to wear the tight attires. So that you would realize how tight your jeans are and you will probably lose your appetite after the 5th spoonful of food. Haha!

  • Prioritize the healthy food. During the Christmas, you should eat the salad first instead of the high calories desserts. Wengie said she prefers to have healthy calories than the fatty calories although they are the same calories.

  • Isolate the dressing. During this festive season, I believe your talented mom will come up with lots of homecooked dressing and sauce. They actually carry lots of calories! Wengie thinks that by separating the dressing or sauce away from your main can save you lots of calories.

  • Scary movie? What? Watching scary movies could also help in losing weight? Wengie learnt from the scientists that you can burn more calories if your degree of being scared is higher! So, don't watch the romantic Christmas related movies anymore this year, try to watch as many horror movies as you can and you'll have a size smaller of your body!

In a nutshell, all of the 10 AMAZING LIFE HACKS above to lose weight easily even without trying are just the fractions from the YouTube Star, WENGIE's tips to lose weight. If you wanna know more about it, be sure to check out her video above! And DO SUBSCRIBE to my channel as well!!! Haha! I'm a YouTuber as well - Wonder Queen. And wish you all a Merry Christmas in advance!

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