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Hokkaido Cake

by - July 10, 2012

          After returning from school, I collapsed in and took a nap. I intended to sleep until I felt enough. But after an hour, my 3rd sis woke me up and asked me to fetch my 4th sis. Because I didn't want to bother my dad from his nap, so, I woke up. 
              I drove alone! Na-honja! Hehe! Sistar's song. I went there by Proton Wira. The sunlight was very sharp, it made me couldn't open my eyes widely. Arrived the destination in just 2 minutes, maybe I was too good in driving! Haha! Waited for my sis to come out. She was very slow. Afterward, we drove home. 
               I started to discover the refrigerator, trying to see whether there were some food. I figure out a box of Hokkaido cake. It was my 2nd sis birthday present which given by her friend. I wanted to eat and so I helped her to snap some pictures. It tasted good. Full of cream inside the little Hokkaido Cake. There were two different taste but I couldn't taste the difference of them. But never mind, I didn't care as long as it was free! Haha! Classical Taurus. 
               Alright, I am going to take a bath, so, let me show you some photo first then only go to bath.
Kissing it! Muacksss!

The best shot of today! By me! Looks delicious and very professional!

The wrapping of it. You can buy it at Batu Lancang.

Upper look of the little Hokkaido Cake! ^.^!
Alright, right here wish everyone have a good night! Wish me success in tomorrow's Presentation. Yum Yum!

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