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Secretly Dinner @ Secret Recipe ^.+!!!

by - July 04, 2012

               I can't remember back the date we took this dinner at Secret Recipe. It might be a couple weeks ago. My parents hadn't been there before, so, we decided to bring them there. Another reason for going there was they wanted to participate in a photo shoot competition which held by Secret Recipe with a theme of Parents' Days. Okay, I need to clarify that I was not the one who participate in this competition! Haha! Coz, I was lazy to put make-up on my face. 
                We started to order some food which could exceed RM 60 so that they were qualified to take part in this competition. We ordered 1 carrot cake (my favourite), 1 lasagna with tomato sauce and seafood, 1 carbonara pasta, 1 Gordon Bleu (I am not sure about the correct name), 1 pumpkin soup and 1 don't-know-what-it-called cake (hehe).
                Alright, let's drooling together! First, the carrot cake was still very delicious as always even my parents made compliment at it. The creamy like thing on the carrot cake was my favourite. Next, the lasagna was not that tasty honestly. It tasted oddly. So, next time don't order it anymore^^!! Thirdly, carbonara pasta was the maximum point of that day. It made our day full of yummy creamy mushroom aroma. This was the best dish I had ever tried at Secret Recipe. Jinjja Mashita( really tasty)! Last but not least, the Don't-know-what-it-called cake was delicious too. The chocolate cream at the outside of the cake was just awesome. And the pumpkin soup wasn't that nice coz my dad claimed that it did taste like curry. Haha! I couldn't believe at first until I tasted. 
                So that was it! Hope that they can win in this competition. Here are some photos of us:~

Lasagna-No Star
Carrot Cake-*****
Carbonara Pasta-*****

Gordon Bleu-*
Don't-know-what-it-called cake-*****
Daddy & Jie jie(4th)

Mummy & Jie Jie(3rd)
Me and Mummy, just kidding lah! My jiejie(2nd)
Okay! Want to off now! Later, I will go to Sushi Bonanza!!!
Hope you guys enjoy a lovable day!

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