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Snow White and the Huntsman

by - June 14, 2012

                 I watched this awesome film yesterday with my sis. Firstly, due to some negative comments from my friends towards this movie, I had no excitement to watch this. But because I wanted to release my stress lately of attending to school almost everyday, so, I decided to go with my sis. There were still more than an hour to go for this movie, we went to post office first to pay the bill of Astro. We've waited for so long at there. Their service surely has a large room to improve. Seriously. Wow! Astro is so expensive nowadays! 
                 I bought a hotdog cheese bun for snack which accompanied me in the cinema. Whereas 2 Auntie Ann were bought by both of my sis. Movie started. Snack party got started! Yummy!
               Come back to this movie, I've figured out that this was better than "Mirror Mirror". Actually, "M" was also not bad for me as a comedy but that's no surprises and adventures in there. So obviously, I preferred "Snow White and the HUntsman". The queen with an ugliest heart was very gorgeous for me. But when she transformed into an old and terribly queen, I was like "How did they do this? So horror!". Kristen Steward was also performing very well in this legendary role. The whole storyline and scene was like very intoxicating and fascinating. Especially for the sanctuary place, it looked holy in there! Love it so much. Conversely, the black forest also made me feel disgusting. The reason why I felt this way was there were lots of worm and whatever thing which was tiny and no leg and they did make me feel nauseous. 
             Alright, until here. I can't reveal much story at here because I really do feel you guys should take your leisure to cinema and enjoy this interesting movie! I need to off now! Bye!
P/S: F(X)'s newest song is not that good to me. Haha! Coz they look like punk! I've watched the new series of Punk'D, JUstin Bieber really did well in punking my idol Taylor Swift! Haha! Olla!
U lala!

Her back is also astonishing! haha!
Lastly, I am sincerely pray for one of my favourite countries, TAIWAN. I hope that world has no end! Amen! Allah! Ahmituofo!
Ok! Officially bye bye to u!!!

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