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A day out with my Siao Kia in order to get FROZEN!!!

by - December 07, 2013

Frozen is now showing in Cinema!!!

         I always in LOVE with cartoons especially by Disney & Pixar and 宫崎骏 Miyazaki Hayao. So, on the last few day, me and my Siao Kiao hanged out to lunch, wander in a museum and watch this FROZEN! Why I titled this update as 'to get FROZEN'? Bcoz the cinema was way too cold and freezing, it got worse whenever there were some scenes of snowing. Actually to be honest, STARVATION was one of the factors that made us cold! Muahaha! 
          Today, I'm just gonna talk about the movie. Will be updating more detailed sooner! Favourite time, Pics-telling session!

Taken by using Meg's Iphone! After a soothing lunch with my Siao Kia at 55 Cafe!
While waiting the movie to get started, CHeekChiak! Here to mention, I drank Hot Milo! As my 4th sis Gwen was curious about it! Haha! Ahha, need to say something funny here. After back home, I went upstairs to talk with Gwen. She asked me what you drank during the movie time. I was like get frightened and thrilled coz I didn't even mention anything about my outing and why did she know everything. I was thinking maybe she is a fortune-teller or something. The truth was she had already seen the pics posted by Meg (right)! Haha!

This lah! Actually, majority of us felt that this was just so-so! Meg kept giggling whenever the characters started their musical scene! It was too much singing in this movie! Reminded me of Bollywood! Haha! But it was still funny at some points, but I found bored in between.

It was all about the Anna and Elsa. E Joo said that I was the real version of Anna in terms of personality, singing and crazy about true LOVE! haha! I don't think so! Because Imma Miss Korea, Lee HyoRi!!! Muahaha!
As a verdict, I (a critic of Cartoons) sincerely do not recommend you guys to watch it. It is not worthwhile for the movie ticket but is worth of watching via Internet!!! Haha! Next, I am gonna watch the HOBBIT! Okay, Bye and Good LUCK! May your day be a wonderful day!

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