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December 2013 is gonna be so busy and excited!

by - December 03, 2013

December 2013... 
          Hello Bello! What will you think about December??? I'm not sure whether you are having the same perception with me, but my mind is filled with X'mas now! I don't know why but I just like it so so much! Since, I'm now currently taking the Degree of University of Sunderland (UOS) which means I have to be fearless like Taylor Swift's song in order to conquer with my devil yet lovely assignments! And the good news is all of the 3 assignments have to be submitted within this month too!!! URGH! 
           Now, I am feeling a bit creepy and having goosebumps on my whole body. You know what?! It's all about the prophecy of Horoscope by Tang Li Qi, in Chinese is 唐立淇. You can know more by clicking this 唐立淇's Facebook
            In last month November, I was embraced by aeriality and so hovering on Google. Out of the sudden, the foretelling of her popped out. I am Taurus and she said that I would be very very like freaking busy, might be busier than bee in the month of December. It's so accurate! Actually, "superstition" has a steady position in my life dictionary. Muahaha! I do believe in this thingy! And since that 2013 is gonna have an end soon, therefore, I need to really update all the events that happened in my year of 2013! Seriously, there's like a zillion of them! I just too lazy and always have no mood in updating my blog! Keke! 
           A clique of my people always ask me why don't you update your blog more frequently, why don't you reveal your piece of mind, why don't you do a series of OOTD updates (I don't really think that I'm good in OOTD thingy), why don't you share your diet secret on your blog and etc. I still need some time to contemplate and deliberate within myself whether I should write these kinds of things on my blog. OK! Let's me think about it first lah! Muahaha! Thanks for always reading my blog ya!
           Aiyoyo! Unconsciously, I had written too much in this "quick update"! Basically, I supposed to write a sneak peep of December updates one. Let's start it!
I will update post about my 4th sis Gwendolyn's Graduation Ceremony. Although, it was happened in few weeks ago! Keke!

And my eldest sis Crystal's birthday celebration on 2nd December 2013!
Candid shot by my 2nd sis Karen! See my concentrating face! Haha!

Another candid shot too! TQ for taking so much of my face without me witting it!!!

As a verdict, these are the topics that I'm gonna blog next time. If only I have time! Muahaha! Ok! BYE!!! Good Luck!

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