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Graduation Ceremony of Christine @ Traders Hotel, Penang.

by - November 29, 2013

Graduation!!! This is a long-awaited term which could make everyone happy. It's like finally all the hard work has paid off. 
Here's the one who had finally graduated and got back her freedom from setbacks of doing assignments! Haha! She's my 3rd sis named Christine Tang!
           Her ceremony was held at Traders Hotel. It was a scorching hot Saturday. She and my 2nd sis Karen were awake so early on that day which wasn't their life routine as they always wake up after 9am. I saw them were busying prep of putting make-up on and doing hairdo. Thought that they would have not enough time to eat their breakfast so I genuinely cooked for them (one of my hobbies)! See, I'm a good sister okay! Muahaha!

          I did not go together with them as I am always having a lazy mode on the weekends, laying on my couch and watching TV. That's it for my normal weekends. Hence, I ended up going together with my 4th sis Gwen at about 10 o'clock. I drove on that day although we had lost our direction in between but we still managed to find our way. "Pretty girls mostly are bad in finding direction"---this quote is so well said! Keke!
            OK! Let's the pics telling the story!!! 
There was a ray of light shining on her! I wonder where did it come from... ... Just kidding, it was the flash light from my camera!

All of us super like this shot as she looked exactly the same when she was in kindergarten back then. A bit blurred though.

I had no idea what they were doing at that time. But it seemed like they were filling up the engagement form together!

Can't wait to attend their wedding in no time!

Still busy writing!

She with one of her besties from form 6. They've a group namely "Three Musketeers" if I'm not mistaken. Another member absent on that day as she had to on call on that day.

Taken by me!!! Pro leh! Muahaha!

Award ceremony's begun!!! She gave her a teddy bear which was being wrapped.
One of her besties from high school.

Beautifully taken by me muahaha!

Girls from UHS! That means they are my senior!
Her university friend.

Happy graduation to them!
Gwen n Chris! Was Gwen showing off her leg?? keke

Here to mention Gwen was just graduated too! I'll blog about it in no time! Hopefully!

Me and her! She looked small standing beside me! You know what I really meant? Muahaha Evil giggles!

Yeppi!!! I'll be graduated soon!

4 of us!

Thanks Mr. J for capturing these beautiful and alluring photos of us!

Victorious pose!

This was a really complicated thingy. Actually, they are friends since primary school! If i'm not mistaken!

After being the professional photographer, I only could enjoy my lunch beside the Tong Sampah! Even worse was I just had a chocolate bar and a boiled egg as my late lunch!

Looking gracefully at the bouquet!

He also got some shot!

Nice flowers!!! Plus, it was aromatic too!

Professionally taken!

A must for a graduate!

Why did she hide off half of her face?

While waiting my dad n mom to come by... .. Taking selca is the best way to squander my leisure!

Her little brother!

I don't why it looked so much like a family pic for me!

Her makeup artist of the day! My 2nd sis Karen!

A selca of her after the memorable graduation ceremony.

What she got from her friends!

She must be feeling grateful and embraced by the happiness!
That's it for to day! Stay tuned for the next Graduation Ceremony of my 4th sis, Gwen! BYE!

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  1. wow your sis would be grateful to have you this photographer/reporter. LOL

  2. u r so pretty plus cute!!

    1. Hi there! Thanks for saying me so pretty plus cute haha!


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