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55 Cafe Penang

by - December 09, 2013

55 Cafe Penang was the place that I always wanted to go. And I did it! Keke!
This cute and adorable 3D coffee art was one of the reasons made this place a must-go place in Penang. Like it so so much!!!

           Last week, I went to 55 Cafe with 5 of my Siao Kias. Actually at the beginning, we decided to go to the Thirty Two Brew Coffee which located nearby my University that is Segi College as I had to attend a class. Suddenly, I received my uni-mates' call and 3 of us ended up absent from class. |Devil smirking| This was my very first time being absent in my Uni-life. Plan changed, so, I suggested to pay a visit to 55 Cafe for lunch. It has gained much attentions from Penangites and a very good reputation too. Guess my choice is right! One of the climax of that day was when E Joo drove us into the alley nearby the 55 Cafe, we met the IndahWater Car which we need to be grateful for them to help us suck out all the 'push motion' okay I meant 'SHIT'. You know the huge size of this kind of lorry right? And he tried to drive through the tiny and narrow alley which was filled with cars parked alongside. OMG! That was definitely a nightmare for E Joo. Haha! But well said of old saying in Hokkien ‘天宫疼好人’, we managed to find a parking lot with nice 'feng shui' which just a few steps away from the shop!!! Muahaha! We are the luckiest girls in town! Alright! Let's see the pics!!!
The retro appearance of the menu. Do take note that you can't find a single photo inside so you should probably do some research through others' blogs to avoid disappointment on the unfamiliar food.

In discussing of what to eat and blah blah blah! You know, girls are like that, can't make a certain choice and end up wanting to order the all the items exist on the menu. Haizzz! Oopsss, I almost forgot that I was one of those annoying girls! haha!

2 charming girls presenting you the menu!

Oh hai super-V shaped Qiong! MUahaha!

Taken by Megan.

Megan was practicing how to snap fascinating photos.

Another shot by Meg.

Candid shot by Meg! Nice! Meg, you are a fast learner!

What were we doing? Just Hae B looking at the camera.

Miss Megan! Just came back from Sydney and I call her Aussie girl! Muahaha!

After like 15 mins, they serve us this lovable Cafe Mocha with double shot (RM13.00). I give its outward full mark, but the drink below this bear was a bit over-sweet for us. Or you can try our style in mixing this and another cup of Cappuccino together, it ended up perfectly blend!

This was the Cappuccino with double shot (RM12.00). The kitty was taking her bath on our Cappuccino! This was flawlessly bitter in taste. It smelled delicious adding to the taste experience. The chocolate drizzle used to decorate the kitty and write the '55' was a perfect companion to this bitter Cappuccino. Actually, it contained a bit of sweetness. No worry over too strong of this Cappuccino and it won't make you wince. After swallow this through my throat, it strangely made me feel refreshed like I suddenly had the confidence in getting A for exam. Just saying! Muahah! If you still can't accept this bitter experience, you can add the mocha into the body of the drink and it will become a 'Moccaccino' the name given by us!                    
Qiong with the bear!

Megan was excited!

Duhh! This is way too excited lah! Hae B!

E Joo's turn! This bear was like a celebrity asked by everyone for a pic! Hahaha!
We ordered a set of Vegetarian tapas set (RM55.00). Why did we choose vegetarian one? Coz Qiong was in love with the eggplants! This was the Feta dips. It's quite buttery and creamy. Its flavor was tangy and strong taste of garlic. It gave me a delicious explosion in my mouth. It was nice but a bit too salty! As I was too greedy to spread a thick feta dips onto my bread.

A basket of bread!!! Served with warmness! Its warmness melted the freezing feta spread!

The grilled eggplant comes with the set. Looked oily but actually not! It tasted beautifully smokey with roasted flavor and fragrance from the grilling plus delicacy. A final accent of olive oil added an aromatic kick. LIKE!

Carbonara Spaghetti (RM29.00) some of you may think that OMG it's way too expensive! But! You will change your mind after you indulging! Its creaminess blended so well with the pasta, rich in cheesiness, tantalizing of the bacon, garlic made me keep eating it! The black colour salt was spread on it to enhance the colour of this dish. The juicy and fresh cherry tomatoes worked well in cleaning our tongue avoid from getting too much of creamy and cheesiness which sometimes would make people feel swooning. But here's carbonara is the BEST in town! I freaking like this! Its serving size is suitable for 2 to 3 young ladies! 

Aglio Olio with Salmon Penne Rigate (RM34.00) This is my favourite!!! First, I chose Carbonara over this but after consuming too much of creamy carbonara, this flavor suddenly popped up. Maybe it was the degree of refreshing bribed my tongue! Haha! It was obvious that this dish filled with a vast number of salmon rolls. It was worthwhile! The Penne noodle was a bit springy but it could help lowering down the speed of me cramming too much in my mouth! Thus, good for diet girls or gym Freaks!!! I love the intense flavor and aroma of garlic. I know that not every humankind love garlic especially for the Vampire fans! Muahaha! But when it mixed with olive oil, it turned sweeter! I just intoxicating of its plainness and simplicity! I'll definitely order this again next time!

Oyster Mushroom Tempura comes together with the set! No doubt that it was oily coz it was tempura! I first thought that Oyster was the lively deep sea oyster but I was wrong. It was a kind of mushroom. We couldn't finish this as we wanted to fill our stomach with not oily thingy. Hence, we ended up asking the waiter to help us to pack it.

Sweet Potatoes Smoothies on toast comes with the set too! I really wanted to know the secret behind making this sweet potatoes smoothies coz it was too nice! It was huge in size. The coolness of the smoothies definitely helped soothing your tired and fatigue mood in this hot summer! MMM! YUMMY!
Our hearty and scrumptious lunch!!! Seemed so western! Kekeke!

The number 1 Siao Kia! Her craziness can definitely lower down your stress level!!!

TQ to the uncle sat at the table aside us for these beautifully-taken photos! Kamsahamnida Ahjussi!


What are you doing Qiong?!

Took a selca b4 eating like nuts!
Candid shot by Qiong. I couldn't tahan 'endure' already! These delicious foods were more important!!!

Meg was as elegant as usual but for that sharp green thing.... ...Okay better not comment or else gonna get killed by her! Okay lah cute lah!

Food is my medicine of bittersweet life!

After lunch, were discovering the Coffee Atelier next to this 55 Cafe. Actually they are connected.

Returning $$$ back to the ALONG!

Selca! Why you guys always like to pick and pull up my hair?! Hahaha!

I am a rabbit!!!

Beautifully taken by Qiong! Love this shot so so much!

Taken by a woman who also wandering at there with her DSLR. Thanks a million! Penangites are the BEST!

Last selca!
Details of 55 Cafe Penang:
Address: 55, Lorong Stewart 10300, Penang. (No wonder it called 55 Cafe keke) 

Business Hour: 8.30am to 10pm
Tel: 04-262 2611
Free WIFI!!! Password-->cafe551234567
Facebook: 55 cafe Penang

Alright, will be updating sooner if possible! Bye and good lucks!!!

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