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Do you need a MAKE-UP & HAIRDO artist?!

by - December 13, 2013

     Hello Bello girls! I'm back! Today, I'm gonna blog about... ... see the title please! Keke! How rude?! Just kidding! Ever since I was 3 years old, my hair wasn't empowered to be cut. It sounds a bit like I was the Rapunzel, and my hair didn't have the freedom! Because my 2nd sis named TANG KAREN liked to help us doing hairdo and make up things which I am not so interested in it! Actually, I myself liked to be a shoulder-length hair girl. I'd never think of cutting my hair ever since I was born. But, every good thing has to come to an end, actually, it was not an end of the story of my hair. 
    During the period of me studying at UNION high school, that was my first time cutting my hair until couldn't even touch my shoulder! OMG! Plus, at that time, I was a super-sized kid, it made my face even rounder! I hate high school but conversely, I missed high school when I was still young and eating a lot without gaining weight but always maintaining the obese figure keke! The most remarkable thing of high school was the moment I shared with my friends with an innocent and naive face! But now, I still own this kind of face lah! What say you?
     Guess what?! Now I have a long long hair again! And my hair still does not have much freedom but better than younger time! Maybe 65% of freedom for my hair haha. I really feel that my 2nd sis has a lot of talents within, she knows how to draw, sing, make-up, hairdo, cook and so much more of industries! She was the trainer of us sisters, whenever there were singing, drawing and etc competition, she always put full tilt of her effort into teaching us! I'm so glad that I have her next to me! ^^! 
       Alright! Back to the topic! Now show you some pics.... ... 

Make-up: by myself (Baby Sammy)
Photographer: Christine Tang
Photo Editor: Me again! Keke!

How to contact TANG KAREN???
The only way is through her FB TANG KAREN MAKEUP ARTIST
INBOX her if you're interested! TQ!

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