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Victoria Sweet Pastry, Penang.

by - December 05, 2013

Victoria Sweet Pastry is a pastry shop located around Tanjung Tokong. It's at a row of the almost-empty shophouses right beside the Tesco Tanjung Tokong. Quite easy to search for as humankind like me who always loses direction while driving could also be able to find it at first try. Or maybe my directionality had already ameliorated. Muahaha! 
The reason we paid a visit to this pastry shop is... ... Taking pictures lah! They've got a very bewitching and vintage-style ambience! My favourite style!

        This was all happened on the last Sunday (1st Dec 2013) where we were in celebration of my eldest sis's birthday in advance. Initially, I was not plan to hang out with them but after soaking myself within the assignments, I had changed my mind. Sometimes, resting is better than forcing. Well said in Chinese old saying, 休息是为了走更长远的路. Maybe some dudes would probably think that this is the excuse of the lazy person, but I think they have a wrong perception. Yeah, another highlighted point is that I fetched them on that day. It was the very 1st time for my eldest sis (Crystal) to sit on the car which being directed by me! haha! She gave me a positive comment on my driving skill. You know, I'm good at driving but not for sense of direction. So, why don't we start our picture-telling session! Check-it-out yo!

She is my eldest sis (Crystal Tang) who is a Mental Arithmetic tuition teacher based in Pulau Tikus. If you are interested, just search for it "Superman Mental Arithmetic Centre" which located nearby the One Stop. This is a really good course as you can not only improve your mathematics but also avoid yourself to struggle of dementia or 老人痴呆. I was one of her students too during my primary schooling time and I think it made a lot of changes on me. 

Glimpsing at the menu to see what to order!!!

I said I have no opinion, whatever you ordered, I would eat it! My appetite is so easy-going.

She said, wait, let me think and deliberate what to eat first by making a fussy face. Muahaha! Gonna got killed by her tonight!

WooHoo! Girls' favourite! So alluring and mouth-watering.

Give them another shot from the top!

Wowow! Me and Gwen were standing in front of these pastry for like almost 10 mins but still hesitating what to order! As we want to try all of them!

They really did a good job in designing the appearance of the pastry and cakes. Plus, all of them were being displayed nicely and neatly without a fragment crust beside.
Too happy to stand beside of the beautiful and tantalizing cakes!

She even squatted in order to have a better view of the pastry at the second tier!

They set a tiny Christmas tree right beside the counter and the cakes shelve. I can smell X'mas!!! Faster come and visit them as they won't set this glamorous X'mas tree after the seasonal X'mas period.

While waiting for our food to be served, it's time for some photo-bombing.

You'll see this corner right after you step into this lovely shop. I freaking love their furniture!

Yeah it's time for me to switch my role to a professional photographer! Hey her dress is resembled to the sofa! Muahah! What a unexpected coincidence.

Nice place to act like a lady!

Her make-up artist of the day! Muahah!

Her fashion consultant of the day! Keke!!!

Assignment drives me crazy! My sis Gwen was speechless! Haha!
Victoria Sweet Rose Flower Tea (RM12.90) It's fulled rose-aroma and a bit sour that can boost the appetite!

Egg Mayonnaise Sandwich (RM12.90) Maybe some of you will think that I am crazy to order this normal-look sandwich at the place where serves a ton of delicious pastry. But you are definitely wrong!!! This is really dainty. I can exaggerate it, it's fit for the king! Yeah! I doubted it too but I was wrong! The juicy tomatoes, buttery flavor and the a bit salty cheese combined together give a very satisfying savory experience! Each bite is just so addicting and intoxicating. I'll order this again if I hit on this shop next time!

See her face and you'll know how delicious it was!! Haha! You know she's really picky on food! She only swallows the quality food!

Mushroom Soup (RM9.90) Just nice! Still have rooms for them to improve this dish.

Not to forget the flowers on the table!!! It can enhance the pics!

She said, don't, don't take my pics! Or was she choking?

Pasta Carbonara (RM16.90) I didn't get a try on this as I was waiting to feed my stomach with the pastry! Keke! One said so-so, preferred the 55 cafe one and another two claimed that this is nice and creamy and rich in flavor!!! So who's right? Get a try by yourself!

Her all time favourite---Spaghetti! I bet she has mixed with Italian blood. Haha!

Tiramisu French Golden Toast (RM17.90) The waitress recommended two flavors to us, one was Tiramisu and another was Black Forest. She claimed that these two are the best-selling! One point for this shop is their waiters and waitresses are really honest to their customers as they always tell you which one is the most popular or best-selling! I like it so much! Back to this toast, the texture of this toast is really airy and not too dry. It's crunchy at the outside. But most flavor comes from the ice cream on top. I think it's vanilla flavor with the Tiramisu powder. The toast doesn't have much flavor but it definitely works well with the ice cream. The ice cream sweetness is coordinated with the toast!

Super big in portion and freaking delicious! Extra marks for the decoration!!!

Taken by me! Nice angle and nice lady! Muahaha!

After filling my stomach with infinite sweet pastry, we were taking our rest to wait for the birthday cake in order to surprise Crystal! Then this was taken by Karen. I was actually striking a vogue pose inspired by Madonna and Jolin Tsai! Hahaha!

This one probably inspired by Ju-On (janpanese horror movie)!

I was trying to take selca but suddenly this girl popped up!

Girls' battle!!! Hahaha! JUst kidding! We love each other so so much in actuality!

Selca of the day! Too excited after taking too much of sweet! Hyperactive!

Finally! We ordered Mango Cheese Jelly Mousse on the left (RM11.90) and a Chocolate Raspberry Tart (RM9.90). Once again, Happy Belated Birthday Da Jie!!!

Taken by a nice waitress!

Second take! Thanks for the photos!!!

Are you happy Da Jie?! Haha! I wish you were!


A KISS for you!!!

Actually, I couldn't wait to have a bite at that time!

Really hard to endure lah!!!

Da Jie and Er Jie.

Make a wish Make a wish! Wishing Sammy be prettier and luckier day by day!!! I wish that this was what she wished! Kekeke!

Blowing! Wish will come true in no time! I feel like I'm becoming prettier and luckier!!!

The left one was not my cup of tea to be honest. But 3 of them liked it! Maybe I am not that into mango plus with the mouse and cheese. Haha! But it was not bad just nice. And my favourite of the day was the TART!!! It was really delicious! The base was filled with consolidated chocolate and it definitely a good match with the sour-some raspberry on the top! I will order this next time I visit there again! Super like!!!! It was my cup of TEA! Muahaha! Plus, they are really generous in giving the ingredients! It was not just raspberry but also Strawberry and other kinds of berry.!

Miam MIam!!!

I really don't want another shot!!! I want to eat it!!!!

After enjoying her high tea, this is her SONG 爽 face! Hahaha!

Taken by me! Pretty? Her number is 999! Hahaha!

Faster come here to have a try as here is now fulled with the X'mas feel!!! LOVE X'MAS soso much!
This is the "guarantee" of the delicious of the pastry! Awardssssssssss! Nice chef making nice masterpieces!
   So, this is it for today! Gonna update sooner!!! BYE & GOOD LUCK!

Details of Victoria Sweet Pastry
Address: B-G-9 Vantage Desiran Tanjung, Jalan Tanjung Tokong, 10470 Tanjong Tokong, Pulau Pinang.
Telephone: 04-890 8369
Operating Hours: Monday 12pm-11pm, Wed to Sun 12pm-11pm (Closed on Tue!!!)
Victoria Sweet Pastry FB!

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