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Made In Penang Interactive Museum 美因槟廊

by - December 27, 2013

Made In Penang Interactive Museum 美因槟廊 is a 3D museum. I've heard some saying it is the very 1st 3D museum throughout Malaysia! Quite fun! No need to write too many words like an never-ending essay, start throwing a glimpse at my photos!!!  

Our entry tickets. They can be reused as bookmarks.

"YUM CHA" -high tea with Lim Guan Eng.
Qiong is sayang-ing him while Hae B wants him to be cooler!

Okay, I'm feeding him "airy" coffee. Muahaha!

Okay, we need to respect him. So, be normal again!

While waiting Meg and Joo... Suddenly one phone call came to Hae B.

"Seulpeu hajiman no no no..." Haha Apink's member!

Me and Kpop star!

Inside there has lots of these cute little dolls. We get to know more about how Malaysians live in daily lives.

It looks like real one! NASI LEMAK sedapnya!

Meg's finger and Joo's head.

Beautiful Meg presents you the king of fruits, Durian!

Hae B with Bamboo rice.

Qiong with... uhh.... a man...

Chinese mask on Meg!

I stole it!

Another kind of mask.

Hae B is paddling a boat in her imagination.

5 of us!

The so technological thingy. Our tickets can transform into KOMTAR in the screen.

KOMTAR is on my palm.

Hae B please close your mouth, you open it for like almost 3mins.

Dinosaur! Look at Qiong's legs muscles!

Dragon is on fire!

Made in Penang and made by Meg!

What r u doing Joo?!

Story is like this, I wanted to kiss him but Joo asked me to shake his hand, so becoming like this! Muahah!

Kiss you!


Joo with her idol!

Steamboat!!!! Meg is the firewoman.

They are from China!

3 wheels car
Come jump into my bag!

Actually doing this is a bit scary!

She likes it!

So, I am scared of qiong will become a snake too after kissing this snake!

Meg wants to get married!

Hey dear Brandon, what r u waiting for?

Oh NO! Joo is proposing first!

EHem this is not edible!

P. Ramlee!

Nice job Meg! muahaha!

Another dragon!

OH Our spider-man is rescuing us! And I'm just hanging there!

Another 3 victims!

Naughty qiong and motherly Hae B!

When my mom is angry or nagging at me, I always do this!

Another shot!

Come to me $$$$!

A loyal Buddhist!


Don't want let Qiong to eat!

Erm, What was I doing?

HAe B and Joo

Yupe it's me! I don't know why I just in love with acting as a GHOST!

Muahaha drag Qiong to my world!

MMM Char Kuey Teow with a huge prawn!

Me and Meg were GHOSTS!

Normal again but not so normal!

Teh Tarik and Roti Canai!

They said this is way too scary!

Hai my Taurus friend!

Kelapa sawit!

Fighting Fish!

Female Warrior!

Joo and Meg with handsome one!

Nice afternoon tea!

This is free one as it located at the alley before the entrance which requires ticket.


So heavy!!! Pitiful!

Female Hercules!


Before watching "FROZEN" taken in toilet at Gurney!

Details of Made In Penang Interactive Museum 美因槟廊
Address: No.3 Pengkalan Weld, 10300 Georgetown, Penang. (Near to post office, beside Via Pre)
Tel:  017-458 1191 /  04-262 6119
Business Hour: 9am to 6pm
Facebook: Made in Penang Museum

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  1. lol you are so cute! especially your facial expressions!
    anyway not crowded ar?

    1. Oh thanks but cute is not my style haha not so crowded maybe it was weekday.


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