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Sugar Honey @ Campbell Street, Penang.

by - June 12, 2014

Sugar Honey---I suppose almost all Penangites know what it is. It's been opened for awhile ago. And all of the photos below are all taken back in early of this year, in January. First and the foremost, I need to say sorry to Wan Theng aka Wendy (nickname given by me) as I only upload it by June. Mianhe Chingu! Haha! Well, let's not palaver over here! Story starts....

 'Life is a journey, a magnificence story filled with sweet times.
Explore with your own eyes, experience the world.' ~ Sugar Honey

I still remembered I steered my car to fetch Wendy and we started our cafe hunting. At that time, Sugar Honey is still new in Penang, so I'd decided to give it a try. Both of us are best known as 'road nerd'. It took us quite some time to reach there. After a long road journey with overusing our brains and eyesight, we found it! It's right beside the Mustache Cafe. Unfortunately, I didn't even know how to go to Mustache Cafe since I haven't visited there before. Never mind. Second problem arrived. It only operates after 12pm and we reached there too early! Haha! Luckily, the kind-hearted waitress or maybe the female boss let us stay inside and wait. We were the first customer! Now, let's see the pics!
While waiting... ... Yupe, she's Wendy Goh aka Sweet Spy! Why we call her Sweet Spy? I shall recall back in the year of 2006, at the end of the year we all still in pinafores sitting in a circle playing the 'Spy Game'. Some of us were suck at blinking our eyes and she was the one who masters this skill and kills in high speed without anyone's notice. Nice job Sweet Spy!

On the wall, you can see a lot of retro style pics hanging at there.

No Service Charge so you need to self service lah~! Nevertheless, the waitress still served us like a normal cafe grabbing folks and spoons for us and so forth. Nice service!
Starfish everywhere! It wafted me to the feeling of watching 'Little Mermaid'! Haha!

I present you every girl's favourite thing in cafes----cakes shelves! But I didn't try them. Maybe next time!

You may buy some vintage card for collection or for Father's Day!

Abruptly, my photography mood kicked in!
There are so many corners for you to take photos! I liked their colorful plates!

Here's the cakes and the menu!

Pardon me but Selfie is a MUST!

Taken by Wendy! Now I only noticed the wifi password! Haha! My absence!

We ordered the one oglio olio Spaghetti and one smooked salmon waffle.
Aglio Olio Spaghetti (RM 13.90) To be honest, this is served in quite a small portion. The flavor prone to be home-cook style. As you can see the ingredients are all in a small cuts, but it's still okay lah! Haha suits to its price! I'm not so impressed though. Sorry for my honesty, I don't cheat my reader. But you may try it now, maybe they'd improved themselves right?!

Cream Cheese and Smoked Salmon Waffle (RM 16.90)
Comes with a tiny plate of salad. Taste normal. But it helps to refresh your tongue as the waffle brings an opulent flavor.
Okay, this combination is rather complex to me. The waffle underneath is in the sweet flavor and it tastes like the malay banana cake sold in Pasar Malam. The texture is a bit dry for me but the outer pulls up the marks with its crunchiness. The ingredients on top are in another world. They are totally different! The salty sauce on top mesmerizing me. I like it. But separately. Both of us found that if we eat it separately, they taste nice. If combine the saltiness with sweetness, it's special. But I still prefer separation! Haha!

Here's how it looks like at the inside. The omelet-esque thing does not possess much flavor. Maybe the sauce is too strong and smothering others' flavors.
The interior is nice and embellished. We were the only Asians in this cafe! Haha!

Okay! Pretty girl gallery's here!

Thanks to the waiter helped us snapping photos although he was busying behind the kitchen counter!

To summarize it, I think I'll order the sweet waffle with ice cream for the next visit! Haha! I still prefer to eat the sweet waffle to the salty one! Give it a try! I like their service very much!

Details of the Sugar Honey @ Campbell Street, Penang :
Address: No. 26, Campbell Street 10100, George Town, Penang. (next to Mustache Cafe)
Business Hour: 12pm to 12am (Closed on TUE)
Contact: 04-262 0622
Facebook: Sugar Honey FB

See y'all next time!

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