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Basil, Le Bistrot @ Kek Chuan Road, Penang.

Basil, Le Bistrot is a new launched cafe restaurant in town. It locates at the opposite of the 8 row colourful houses. I saw people uploading photos onto Instagram and so I decided to try it. Prior to the research and all sort of stuff, I thought it was kinda pricey since its name was hardly to understand like I only know Basil. Haha! However, the reasonable price they set is really surprising me. Somehow, I think that their food is worth more than the price set by them. All kind of aspects are alluring me to pay a visit very soon!

"Incorporation of modern elements to the charm of old prewar houses. We insist on fresh ingredients and minimalistic on the plate." ~ by Basil, Le Bistrot
Well, since Wendy Goh is finally hit the Penang from her #ulu rural uni and Catherine is free so I decided to meet them! Both of them are my teachers back in Form 5 as they always stayed back after school just to teach me patiently to help me conquer with the evil kind of SPM. I'm really grateful to them! Love you guys! Another memory of us is when we danced together for a performance! Do you guys wanna see? Okay! I rather get killed by them than wasting those artistic pics!
Muahaha! So funny! From the left to right: my eldest sis, Wendy, me and Cathe! Yes, during my secondary school time, my ambition was to become a singer-dancer! Unthinkable! We spent so much time together for practice. The reaction from audiences which mostly the kids was positive! We danced the Kara's 'Pretty Girls'. We should dance together again next time!

Let's back to the topic!
Beverages which comprise of Americano (RM 8) and a kettle Chamomile tea (RM 7). Here's a little suggestion for them, to provide an extra teaspoon for customers to dig the sugar for better hygiene.

A little sneak peek of their menu. This is the front page which bespeaks of the Brunch list. The back of it is for the lunch and dinner repertoire which will only be served after the clock strikes on 12pm! As we were all in the starvation mode, hence, we couldn't spare to wait for another second and promptly ordered the brunch series.

My brunch mates of glorious Monday! Wendy and Cathe!

While waiting for our fuels to be served on the table, I did my recreational activity! Photoshooting!
Catherine Lee who looks dreadfully resemble to Hyun Ah, Ariel Lin and 4 minute's leader named Jihyun!

Wendy Goh! Needless to describe her any further as I already did so in previous post---Sugar Honey.
After posing for few minutes, she made this grumpy kind of face to me! Haha! Just kidding! She didn't mean it. Just a random candid shot!

Finally!!! Our hollow souls being awaken abruptly. We ordered 3 sumptuous brunches for sharing. After doing some researches, I decided to try these 3. MMM! This is seducing me at night 11pm blogging alone with an not so empty stomach. Luckily, I just had my supper! Or else... ...

"Masala-Spiced Chicken Thigh (RM 18)---Grilled Masala Chicken Thigh, Tomato Chutney, Cumin Mayonnaise and Mesclun Leaves on a Thick White Toast"
This is the open sandwich which I saw some of the people saying it was just so so in taste. However, I super in love with this Asian-like dish. The first highlight is the cranberry sauce on the toast. It's written that's a white toast but I kinda think they served us the wholemeal toast on that day. I am totally dazzled by the not mushy cranberry sauce which is so sweet with a modicum of sourness from the cranberry. You can even bite the cranberry wholly. You'll probably think, won't it be a bit weird to eat the spiced chicken with the sweet sauce. NO! They blend so well together! As for the tandori chicken tikka on the top, it's well-cooked with juiciness locked in within. They serve in a number of chunks. The spices used for marination are very odorous and it doesn't taste spicy at all. The green sandwiched between two overwhelming components acts as a refreshing and blending character. Besides this heavenly delectable stuff, it's the wedges being served together. I didn't try it as I am never a fan of wedges plus there's a blister inside my mouth. RECOMMENDED! 

"Egg Florantine (RM 15)---Homemade muffin topped with Pork Ham, Baby Spinach, Confit Hen's Eggs and Hollandaise Sauce"
Another bewitching dish. Firstly, I thought that the deep-fried bronzed thingy is a meatball kind of thing. Well, don't judge a book by its cover! The moment Cathe halved it, both of us were like OMG! Our eyes were widely opened with surprises. The runny eye yolk bursting out of its shell! We couldn't resist anymore and lickety-split toss it into our mouth! So delicious! Cathe then let another normal-look poached egg split into half and to let the runny yolks smothering the ham and moistening the muffin. The pork ham is another strike! It somehow taste refreshingly sour to me. I like it so much. The Egg Florantine's mother is Egg Benedict, the only difference is the presence of spinach. I prefer having Egg Florantine as I like to binge vege! The side salad is mixed with rejuvenating light sweet-sour sauce. It taste so good and unique! The muffin on the bottom is not too thick and hard to bite, it's fluffy in my opinion! Overall, I give them a THUMPS UP! Nevertheless, I still rank the open sandwich at the 1st.
Both eggs were served in runny condition! Satisfied!

Couldn't wait to dig into the exhilarating brunches!
Photo below bespeaks of Don't mess with Cathe, or else she'd kill you with this epic expression! So cute haha!

"Home-Cured Salmon Gravadlax  (RM 15)---Another all time favourite. Salmon and Cream Cheese. Our Salmon are all carefully prepared and oured in house for 36 hours."
We ate this after finishing the two dishes. And I personally was not intrigued by this bagel which gains both positive and negative comments online. To the honest speaking, I think that the bagel was too dense to my liking. We could only hardly cut it off by using knife and full tilt energy. It was crunchy on the outside but kinda too chewy inside. It was not so fragrant either. And the smoked salmon inside tended to be sour and a bit fishy to me. All in all, I just not so into this dish. Sorry for my honesty! But you may have a try, maybe it was just me.

This is my favourite pics taken by me of the day!
The staffs were so so busy. Hence, we ended up with selfies.
There was a group of friends waiting beside us, so we asked them to help us with group photos. TQ girls if you see this!
After food, we started our chitchatting session. I suggest you guys to come earlier as this place is totally new so many people come to have a tried-and-true. There are just limited tables and chairs. In the middle of talk, I felt guilty to stay there for so long after indulgence with a lot of customers coming in and out and throwing innocent and indignant glance. We left after taking selcas again. 
Macaroon! Didn't try it but heard ppl saying it was delicious. May try it next time. RM 4.50 for one. Kinda pricey though, but who cares!
I want to buy their bread next time too!
Details of Basil, Le Bistrot
Address: 9, Jalan Kek Chuan, 10300 Georgetown Penang, Msia
Business Hour: Weekdays (11am to 9pm)
Weekends (9am to 9pm)


  1. Pretty girls! Yet, could you share your diet journey? You look so slim now! My idol!

    1. Haha thank you so much! Erm, I think I need to take a pretty long time to update on my blog about my diet journey haha!


如果你还没有Airbnb的帐号,可以用我的专用链接🔗 (www.airbnb.com/c/wonderq2),那你就可以即刻索取RM105,这回馈可以用于预订Airbnb的房间。

For the first time user, u may use my Airbnb link (www.airbnb.com/c/wonderq2)and get RM105 credit for your next trip!

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