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Joyeux Cafe @ Nagore Road, Penang.

by - July 12, 2014

Joyeux Cafe is located at the Nagore Road nearby the New World Park. In actuality, I hadn't even heard this road before until I researched about this cafe. If you know where the Continental Bakery is, then it'll be pretty easy for you. Same row with Continental Bakery and at the opposite of the Brix and Baume cake house. Simple right? I hope you guys could be able to seek for it.

Bonjour (you'll know why I greeted you in French later on)! Hello everyone! How y'all doing? I'm pretty busy in these days yet doing great! I'm not gonna blog about my personal updates in this post but I'd like to record this memorable day in 2014. Last Sunday, my dad was celebrating his lunar birthday at home (not gonna blog it as it was too casual that everyone wearing simple clothes without makeup! Haha!) and a good news just flew in. 7 July, the following day was the PUBLIC HOLIDAY (Penang Heritage Day)! Terima kasih banyak-banyak kepada Penang! Just because we are Penangites, we do not need to work on this particular day! Hence, I thought this was gonna be the perfect day for us Tang Family to bridge up our relationship. Unfortunately, my 4th sis works at a not-so-kind MNC factory which causes her Monday blue as usual! Am I chuckling or something?! Evil me, ya, I know!
Our Monday wasn't so blue although each of us wearing teeny weeny blue elements on our body...

"Joyuex" means joyful in English which you can get the hint from this French word itself. To be real honest, until now, I can't even enunciate it. But who cares, as long as I get the enthralling meaning behind this word. Okay, the underlying reason for me to choose this cafe was the photos uploaded by others onto Instagram. I saw the wall and I promptly got allured. Muahaha! Whatever! At the night before this bonding day, I ordered them to make sure to be awake before 7.30am as we needed to be starting our journey on 8 o'clock sharply. But, I think this is kinda our Tang Family's tradition---always couldn't make it on time! Haha! Thus, we started our car engine at around 9.30am and arrived there at about 10am. Proud of our unique strain. 

After stepped into this lulling and homey cafe, the pretty waitress came to us and served us. I requested to dine upstairs and she genuinely told us it would be hot upstairs as they hadn't turned on the air con. In spite of its high degree hotness, I insisted to go upstairs. The conviction of Taurus. In the morning, there weren't many early birds like us, so, we were like VVIP staying upstairs having our private family brunch. Let's see the pics! *Scroll down BRO!  
 While hesitating what to order... ...

 White (Espresso + milk) RM 10.90
When you see a cup of coffee, that means Christine is in the house! She's the coffee-addict who never skips ordering a cup of cappuccino to complement her meals. I'd heard other bloggers saying that this WHITE is remarkably good. Nonetheless, Christine commented it was just averagely nice.

Choc (espresso + choc) RM 10.90
Karen ordered this. She didn't particularly comment about this. I didn't sip it so I couldn't give you guys a real and clear description.

 Ben (RM 14.90)---Poached eggs, bacon, pancakes, hollandaise, salad.
Basically, this is the egg benedict thingy. They step out of  the comfort zone in smothering the egg and hollandaise sauce on top of english muffin. They serve it with pancakes. All the side salads are simply tossed with the basic seasoning, just nice and light without impressive kick. As for the poached egg, it's runny! Add one mark! The yellowish hollandaise sauce is average. I think the highlight of this dish is the triangle pancake. Not greasy yet fluffy on the inside without high condensed sweetness.
She purposely made this facial expression! What'chu think? Muahaha!

  Egg (RM13.90)---omelette, onion, tomato, bell pepper cheese, salad.
I ordered this. I honestly think that this is not worthwhile. You better order the 'fish' which is served along with 2 breads. Yet, this omelette is well-cooked that it's still moisture inside. The seasoning is great too. A bit pricey for me.

 Fish (RM 14.90)---smoked salmon, scrambled eggs, salad, toast
With just an extra RM 1, you'll get a larger portion compared to the last dish I just showed you. The breads are really yummy. They are crunchy on the edges and downy on the inside. I like it so so much! As for the scrambled eggs, I personally think that it is too greasy for me as you can evidently see it from the pic. Lack of seasoning which all of us agree with it.
While waiting the rest of them arrive and the other 2 dishes to be served, we took selcas as usual!

Sweet (RM 11.90)---pancakes, homemade jam, maple, butter
 This is our favourite of the day! I'll definitely pay another visit to this cafe just for this golden fluffy pancakes! The texture is great, not too sweet and oily. The maple syrup is shining on top of each slice of pancakes. The highlight of this dish is definitely the yellowish thingy in the little glass which placed in the centre of the flowery-shaped pancakes! It's the pineapple jam. I don't know why but I'm just fascinated by the flavour that lingers in my mouth. The pineapple jam reminds me of the pineapple tart we used to eat it traditionally on CNY! LOVE it! RECOMMENDED!

100% (RM 18.90)---salad, bacon, sausage, tomato, sunny-side-up, homemade toast
A typical English Big Breakfast. I'm never a fan of this kind of breakfast as I think we can make it ourselves. It's kinda simple in making this dish. Yet, the sausage is good. I am dreadfully enthralled by the toast! I like it so so much!
Free sky juice for us!
Downstairs throw a more homey feel that you would think that you are dining in your own dining area. You can play the games while waiting for your orders too!
He seems like mastered the game. But, he doesn't know how to play this. He's a traditional chinese chest connoisseur!
Details of Joyeux Cafe:
Address: 79, Nagore Road, 10500, Georgetown, Penang.
Business Hours: Mon-Thu: 9.00am to 10.30pm (CLOSED on TUE)
Fri-Sat: 9.00am to 12.00am
Sun: 9.00am to 10.30pm
Tel: 04-226 6295 (I'd phoned them in advance for reservation but nobody answered it)
Facebook: Joyeux cafe Facebook Page 

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