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Makeup and Hairdo | Attending to a wedding dinner #2

by - August 01, 2014

Here's another customer from Tang Karen Makeup Artist the other day back in the beginning of July. This is gonna be the long-overdue update of makeup and hairdo since I was quite busy these days. Let's see how Tang Karen applied her fantastic abracadabra in transforming her customer!

Here's the before-after pic taken outright from her page.

 This is the picture showing the before makeup face of the lovely customer.
 Here's the after makeup and hairdo pictures!
As for the hairdo, she just waved up her hair. This lovely customer has an already-waved hair so it's quite hard to reshape it and looks a bit messy. However, it ended up looking good.

Makeup Hairdo: Tang Karen Makeup Artist
 Photographer and editor: It's me! Wonder Queen aka T2SM.
If you are interested, please kindly PM (Personal Message/ Inbox) Tang Karen Makeup Artist via Facebook. Services: Wedding, Occasional Dinner Makeup, Day Makeup, Convocation Makeup, Prom Night, Male Makeup and etc. Thanks for reading!

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