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Bulb up the SUMMER

by - August 19, 2014

Hello, finally a new blog post. Recently been so so busying over night class plus other things which makes me lazier than ever. I don't even touch my laptop for more than one time per week. Fortunately, my night classes for MPU subjects had just ended pretty well. Everything wafted smoothly. However, during this summery period, I'd come down with a series of bad illness. A couple weeks ago, I had suffered from confronting with the blister or ulcer grew in my mouth that made me couldn't even swallow my own saliva. Oh man way too painful! And now, I'm in a bad flu plus sore throat plus dry cough. I couldn't even sleep last night, woke up at 3am something due to smothering. Thanks to my 2nd sis who took good care of me by bringing me some medicines with water. Okay let's see the pics that we took in June (long-overdue, yeah I know)!

 Selfie with Catherine while waiting WanTheng coming out from the loo.

 Evidently, they were my models of the day.

 As I received some emails from my readers asking me to post some OOTD or fashion sort of thingy, here you go. I don't think I'm always staying in trend as I'm kinda partial to whatever style Taylor Swift garbs (Have you listened to her new single "shake it off"? I was shocked by her new look and style, I bet I'm gonna switch my style soon haha maybe wearing a tutu to supermarket??) . The polka dots skirt is actually a dress. I'm pretty conservative, hence, I wear a T-shirt to cover up my shoulders. Luckily, I did that as even I covered it up, there were still some people scanning me. I don't like drawing attentions from others especially... ... Okay, by tying up the T-shirt elongates my height. Just some ideas. 
Photos taken by WanTheng.

 A pretty candid shot of WanTheng! Haha! Seems like she was about dancing to Iban's dance.
Okay Bye! Would be updating my Korea Trip soon. Like Finally!

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