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Caffebene 咖啡陪你 @ Gurney Paragon, Penang.

by - September 07, 2014

Caffebene 咖啡陪你 is finally here in Penang Gurney Paragon Mall! This is such a big deal for almost all of us who had been drooling over the Bingsu photos via instagram. I giggled when I realised that it's called 咖啡陪你 in Taiwan. If you know Mandarin, you'll get the idea how these 4 words come from. It sounds like Caffebene. Let's begin!

Sneak peak: The four of us after the long-awaited self-indulgence.

After having our brunch on that day, we went to Paragon for meeting our high school mate HooiGui who I hadn't seen for such a long long time. Probably for almost 2 years. Legs pained walking around in Sephora waiting Catherine seeking for her haul. Then, we decided to try the Caffebene! I'd been to the Caffe Bene branch in Korea, I tried the waffles only as at that period the weather was chilling, so it was inappropriate for us to try the bingsu thingy (yet, all the Korean eat Bingsu in frozen-kind of days). 

This branch has limited seats inside so we were forced to sit in alfresco area. Fortunately, it wasn't so hot but the sun was glaring at me quite some moments. Haha! Me and Catherine queued up (not so sure do we need to line up as the board states 'queue up for sit' but we sit in alfresco area, whatever! Haha) to order. After odering, you'll get this vibrating thingy and no worries, it'll call you once your food is prepared!

While waiting for our food... Paparazzi Goh is here! 
 HooiGui was laughing at something, but not so sure what was it! Haha!

 Sorry Cathe but this is too cute! You looked like you were too hot and you used your hand as a fan! Haha!

Last victim!

The food is here!
 I still remembered how WanTheng reacted when she grabbed the tray and walked towards us. She was seen conspicuously shocked by me ordering too much! Haha! The reason for me to order on impulse is that they are having some promotions comprising of 'buy 1 get 1 free drinks' and 'buy 1 waffle get 50% on the Americano'. I think I'm a wise buyer. Muahaha! Each of us just had to pay RM 12 to bolt down these!!!

 GreenTea Bingsu in Single (RM12.80)
I mean I was kinda shocked that the portion is this big in size! What I could taste including shaved ice, handful of nuts, red bean paste, gelato, whipped cream and more. The taste is so so good. I'm a person who hates super sweet dessert which makes me feel of having the diabetes soon, but this is just nice in the sweetness! The shaved ice is nice too, not too smooth like feeling nothing in your mouth and not too harsh like some ice kacang out there they served ice-rock! Well recommended!
 See how generous they are in sprinkling the nuts!

 Kenya black coffee (RM4.50)
Don't hesitate to buy this if you order the waffle. This sourish yet bitter coffee could definitely help you to clear your taste buds and ease your burden in sweetness-overdose! I like it! But aftter drinking almost the whole cup, my heart beats geared up! OMG!

 Tiramisu Waffle (RM15.00)
To be honest, the texture of the waffle is not as good as the waffle I ate in Korea. But the portion is bigger here in Malaysia. The waffle is still good, crunchy at the outside and soft on the inside. The gelato atop is so good, not too sweet, just nice! I'd order this next time too!

So this is the waffle I'd tried before in Korea. The portion is smaller as the Korean is prone to eat healthier with less sweet and less portion.

Gambar: To celebrate our 2 new outlets opening, we're offering a Buy 1 Free 1 promotion (ONLY MISUGARU and SWEET POTATO DRINKS) to ALL OUTLETS for 1 month only!
Souces: Caffebene Malaysia
 Due to the promotion, we ordered to try. This is the hot Sweet Potato Latte in Large (RM13.00). The taste and aroma are so special, it's fragrant like perfume haha! I can't really describe how it taste like coz it's kinda involved in flavor. However, I don't think it taste like sweet potato. Haha! But nice!

 Misugaru Latte in Large (RM13.00)
Misugaru (미숫가루) is the grain powder mix of different grains. It's served in hot summer days or as an instant breakfast-to-go. We ordered a cold one. Taste like oat and it fills my stomach up. So full! If you want me to choose among these 2 flavor, I'd go for this misugaru as the sweet potato one is too perfumed which makes me think of the artificial aspect. haha!

 A 'must' action to show some respects to our food!

 So this is the new menu! Just kidding! This is made by HooiGui and her mom! TQ for the early mooncake! Nice try!

 I suddenly saw this in my cup! It makes me wanna call my mom! If you know Korean, you know what I meant! Haha!

 I got you! The clock is not work!

 The atmosphere inside! Yupe, Originally, we sat outside as no place for us, but then, there was a girl kept smoking besides us and makes me feel like I'm gonna suffer cancer soon so we 'migrated' to indoor!

Kamsahamnida to that girl who helped us take group picture!

Okay BYE!

Details of Caffebene Penang
Address: 163-D-1-06 in Gurney Paragon (near to the H&M)
Business Hours: 10 to 10 daily!
Tel: 03-6143 6333 (HQ Office)

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