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Brunch on PLATES @ Lebuh Muntri, Georgetown, Penang.

by - October 04, 2015

PLATES is located at Lebuh Muntri, Georgetown, Penang. I bet a lot of Penangites had already been there before right? But, I just went there a couple of weeks ago. Needless to introduce you anymore right? Ever since I dissolve myself in bread-winning uphill battle, I changed. Brunch on PLATES? Definitely a YES for me as usual. Yet, where to have it does matter. My risk-taking bold mindset had transformed into the home-girl who prefers to have some self-time and cook her own brunch on PLATES. The underlying reason is I'm so scared of eating the not so delicious food at any cafe or restaurant. It makes me wail. Hence, let's see whether this PLATES is the plate of brunch that eases me.

The power of editing! In bare eyes, it doesn't look that dreamy and harmonized. But it's definitely worthwhile to visit and take lots of pics. I heard that this colourful corner is named as Inch. But I'm not quite sure whether this statement is TRUE. I'll post more of this series pics on my next blog post. Gotta be more diligent in updating this space as I received a lot of complaints from you guys as well as my intimates. Saying "why aren't you give us any update?", "why there's no more Youtube video?" or so. I gotta say "SO WHAT?!" Muahaha! Okay, sorry, I should've worked harder in doing this thingy.

Take a peep on its menu!

That day was a Public Holiday. Thence, we'd decided to go out and have a break! I had no plan in mind. Christine recommended this place to us as she came here once. I saw a lot of instagram-users uploading lots of pictures taken at here before which triggered me to visit here. Unexpectely, this place was quite empty in which you could calculate the heads just by 10 fingers. I wanted to take a picture to show you the indoor design but unnoticed including this couple in it. Okay, sorry for not asking your permission for this pic haha! 

This was not what I intending to do but got requested by Christine. She said where we sat has a patio up from us. Asked me to take a prevailing selfie to see whether the lighting and every element was up to the par. Until now, I still think this side is ok for taking photos but I listened to her words and changed the seats with Jackson.

This was the testimony of this side was better than where we sat.

She newly bought this cardigan so she asked me to take this kind of pic. I think it exemplifies of Christmas. Eating turkey! haha!

He purposely did this facial expression for me.

 Alright, after a few minutes (probably 25 mins or more than this), 3 PLATES of brunch had been served by the waiter.

Christine told us that she tried their Duck Salad that was decent. So, we ordered a salad (I normally don't waste money on ordering greens.) I saw there was a chef recommended icon on the title of this dish, and ordered. Well, I think the rocket and kimchi are good match. Yet for the main point of this dish, the Tuna Kataifi (traditional Greek Shredded pastry) is not remarkable enough. It's a bit dry.

 CHICKEN SPINACH PASTA [RM16-18??? Sorry forgot d.]
Another signature of theirs. The whole flavour is acceptable but it kinda reminds me of the tin tuna fish from Ayam Brands. One thing to mention is the amount of salt they tossed in was way too much for our kidney. I hope they could improve in this matter.

It looks tasty right? Stay tuned for the comments.




Jal meok gess seum nida
 Finally can dig in!

This was the last dish for us to intake. But this result was disappointing us. Just so we thought maybe another poached egg would be the real poached egg...
 Both of them were disenchanted but they said it was ok for them to eat this. I stood up and took this plate heading to the back and told the waitress what I thought about this. OVERCOOKED. She apologized and promised me to bring us the new one with standard par. This kind of service is so GOOD! JJANG! This incident reminded me of that one time I went to Macallum cafe with Siao Kia Group, our Eggs Benedict was overcooked as well and they changed for us twice but still the eggs were overcooked. We ended up giving up on requesting them to serve us the standard par and finishing it.

Not long after, the waiter served us this plate of french fries saying that this is their new menu for us to try. Apology had already been accepted back then when they said they would replace a new one for us. But this makes me rate their service even more STARS! It's not greasy and the sauce is special. Yet, I still think the Book Sandwich Cafe serves better french fries.

Woo Hoo! Finally! The Eggs Benedict is the BEST among these 3 PLATES of brunch. The english muffin is soft and the ingredient is intact in amount. Their smoked salmon is not salty. Overall, if I were to revisit this place, I'll sure to order this again.
 Alright guys! Stop at here. Got another project to focus! BYE!

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