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又吃韩国餐咯!Miss A's Suzy秀智代言的Korean BBQ Chicken @ Elite Avenue, Penang.

by - March 22, 2016

{又吃韩国餐咯!Miss A's Suzy秀智代言的Korean BBQ Chicken @ Elite Avenue, Penang.}嗨,乡亲们!阿美又从出江湖书写话语咯!收到读者说为何近期都是用英文更新,所以。。。其实,我的华语汉语拼音没有很及格。所以,一般都会用英语来更新小女的部落格(比较省时间)。但是,有时用英语表达不出我要说的‘冷话’。哎呀,不好艺术。我又多说了吗?!好,来丢会几星期前的照片!Hello, everyone! I'm using Chinese to update my blog again! (No worries for those who don't understand Chinese, herewith the English translate) Received quite some requests from online friends lately regarding the reason why I seem to be always sticking to English posting, that's why... ... To be honest, my Chinese Han Yu Pin Yin is not really well-mastered. So, I normally use English to blog which is also time-saving. However, the con is it would be hard for me to express my gags via English sometimes. Aiya, so sorry, am I write too much? Alright, start throwing back the pics taken weeks ago.
First things first, let me talk about it from the very beginning... Iping had bumped into the ceramic vase in the toilet accidentally. Haha! Then Venessa and Hoot (Buddha in Hokkien) helped her in cleaning it up. Finger crossed and believe that it's a good sign.

A few days later, me along with Alayanyan and ByeonTaeKel went to onsite. Tadaa! This is our lunch of that day! What scared me was, this shop is actually situated right behind my house. Okay, to be precise, it's at the row of house behind my house. I'd never tried it before until that day. It is a terrace house, during that time was coincidentally lunch time, flocks of crowd, fully-packed. Luckily, there was a table of customers left after their lunch and so we've got the empty seats! Except from chicken rice, there's also economic rice. Mine costs RM4.30, quite reasonable. Atleast I did not get thirsty aftertaste, I think they probably do not use ajinomoto...I was in dread after having the first mouthful of the soup provided. Coz it's bitter, I think it's the bitter gourd soup which is quite nice! The chicken is quite juicy and the texture is smooth and moist. Heard from ByeonTaeKel that the blackish sauce is the roast pork sauce, I think it's okay level not so remarkable. If not mistaken, this shop is 'Nan Huat Chicken Rice'.

好 啦,进入今日的主题!(事先说明,我们是出差后去吃的!吃饱后又去出差。本来Alayanyan也有来的但她忘了她有请假。)Miss A的Suzy秀智和南韩知名的Oppa李钟硕(我的邻居,因为他长得真的很像!)代言的店!这家品牌真的是从南韩引进马来西亚的。起初我家老三问我的时候 我还说应该是滥用韩星来拉客罢了吧。怎知,真的是正中的韩国店!来来,这就是它们正做的午餐促销。你看,几划算,还有美女看!但是只有在星期一至五,中午 12点到下午3点才有得享用此促销。
Okay, let's flow into our topic of the day! ***(Just to highlight, we went there after onsite and after lunch we went back to onsite again. Originally, Alayanyan was supposed to be with us as well but she had totally forgotten she had applied leave on that day.) Miss A's Baek Suzy and South Korean sought-after Lee Jong Seok Oppa (my neighbor as both of them are like the doppelganger!) are the ambassadars of this shop! This brand is come from South Korea to Malaysia. At first my sis did ask me whether I know about this brand, I said maybe it's abusing Kpop stars to attract customers only. Mana tau, it's the real Korean Brand! Mari Mari~ This is their lunch set menu! See, it's quite worthwhile, coz not only food but you got the pretty girl to see as well! However, this promo is only available on weekdays from 12pm to 3pm.
老实说,这里边的室内设计还蛮简约又带点时尚的感觉。有点欧美式。Honestly, the interior design is quite simple yet modernized with American style!

这是一部分的菜单,挺惊讶的!没想到它们也有英式早餐班 尼迪克蛋,也有汉堡与意大利面。但到一家名字是BBQ Chicken的店,没吃招牌炸鸡好像有点怪怪的也!This is some pages of their menu. Surprisingly, they also have the English Breakfast Egg Benedict, Burgers and Pastas. But it would be a crime to go to BBQ Chicken without eating their signature fried chicken!
它的来历满惊人的,原来1995年就有了!就是说阿美我3岁时就有了,然后更荒谬的是,尽然有鸡的大学?哈哈!Its history is quite astonishing which was started from 1995 when I was still a 3-year-old baby girl! The more ridiculous is they even establish their own chicken University? Haha!
好啦,我们的水到啦!我点的是韩式茶,因为想到待会儿要吃炸的,所以要去去油呀!只有三种选择,另两样是果汁。 Alright, our beverages are here! I ordered the Korean Green Tea in order to cleanse the oil from Fried Chicken. There are only 3 options for you, another two are juices.
Hohoho!来咯!我的是最畅销的Hot Hot Chicken(4块-RM17.90)。它的饭是特别加料的,因为有蘑菇,但没有啥特别好吃啦,就好吃而已。哈哈!重点是这鸡肉,我觉得很大块,一人根本吃不完。它的外皮炸得酥脆带点甜辣味。这味道与KFC的泰式辣椒酱有点儿相识也。凯文姐姐还担心说这鸡肉是不是买那种Ayamas包装鸡。它不是!!!我觉得很新鲜多汁,口感嫩滑不油腻!赞啦!至于正不正中就由不到我来说啦,因为我上次去韩国时,还不‘Heng’《来自星星的你》,所以没吃到。HOHOHO! It's finally here! Mine is the most demanded Hot Hot Chicken (4 pieces- RM17.90). The rice is so special with ingredient-laden as it has mushroom. Nevertheless, it's just normal but taste ok! Haha! The main actor is the chicken which I think is so enormous and I can't really finish it all up! The crust is crispy with sense of sweet spiciness. The flavour somehow relates me to the KFC Thai Chilly sauce. ByeonTaeKel was so concerned the chicken was not fresh but packed like Ayamas one. NOPE! I think it's juicy and fresh, texture is soft and not oily at all. JJANG! As for whether it's original or not, I'm not sure as last time I went to Korea, the Korean Drama 'Love from the star' was not in trend yet, so I did not eat it.

凯文姐姐叫的Korean Charboiled(1块-RM17.90)。基本上就是酱油烤鸡而已。它的肉质很鲜甜,但是还是输我的都珉俊炸鸡!(哎呀!现在好像比较Heng《太阳的后裔》噢!宋仲基好嫩哦!我好像变态酱!)所以,小女在此奉劝大家就叫炸鸡呗!He ordered Korean Charboiled (1 piece-RM17.90). Basically, it's just the flavor of soy sauce. The texture is sweet and fresh but still lose the game to my Du Min Jun ssi fried chicken. (Aiya! Currently is 'Descendant of the Sun' which draws all those Kpop fans' eyes! Soong Joong Ki is so fresh! Sounds like a pervert!) Hence, I recommend you guys to order the fried chicken!

还要扮Candid Shot!He likes to pretend he got candidly captured!

就要离职了,所以一定要拍一拍合照哈哈!My last day is nearer, that's why we need to have a wefie! Haha! (Actually is bcoz I forgot to take my own selfie and so I only have this pic which has my own face on it...)

Details of Korean BBQ Chicken:
Address: 1-1-22, Elite Avenue, Jalan Mayang Pasir 3, 11950 Bayan Baru, Penang.
Business Hour: Everyday from 10am to 10pm
Tel: 04-611 6312
Facebook Page: Korean BBQ Facebook
Website: http://bbqchicken.com.my/
Email: info@bbqchicken.com.my

然后,刚好那个周末是紫薇格格(Yan)的生日。她的小白脸刚好回乡剩她一人,冰姐就问我要不要去楼下买蛋糕帮她庆生,我就说很好!哈哈! 我们工作的楼下就是酱,没啥店面。所以,我们就到Justart买了一盒日式蛋糕。其实还好而已哈哈!Then, on that Saturday happened to be Alayanyan's birthday. Her boyfie was happened to be going back to his hometown unavoidably and left her alone in Penang (coz curse to the Saturday boring roaster!). Iping asked me whether I wanna join her go downstairs to buy a cake in celebration of her birthday, I definitely said YES! Haha! Our office is like that one, not really have much of the shop lots. So, we have no choice but to buy a box of Japanese cake from Justart. Actually, it tastes so-so only...
生日必做之事。咬蜡烛。祝你顺顺利利!Bday mainstream activity, bite your candle up from the cake by using mouth. Wishing you all the BEST in the future!

我知道七月还没到!哈哈!扮鬼成功!好啦!很开心能够遇见一斑那么风趣可爱的好同事!往日记得约出来‘参台脚’(Cantonese)呀!I know that the creepy seventh month festival is not yet here haha! But we did pretty good job in role play right?! Okay, back to seriousness, I'm so happy to have met all of you guys, cute and hilarious! Next time, we should have some gatherings together! Don't forget about our ESCAPE ya~!

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