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The Twelve Cups Cafe @ Beach Street, Penang // [后宫真’烦--huan'传]

by - March 08, 2016

{The Twelve Cups Cafe @ Beach Street, Penang // [后宫真’烦--huan'传]} - Yoohoo! Finally, I could update my blog properly. Alright, this post is gonna retrospect the CNY days. I can't really remember which day (Chu X) was it but I can surely tell you this was happened during CNY period. I think it was Chu 3. Aiya let it be! So, I'm gonna start my granny-esque story! My best college teammates have arranged a CNY outing, in Chinese, we called it 畅游御花园. Oh, this was happened on Chu 4 after I referred to our group WeChat. I think this is really fun to have our own theme of the group, our theme is having the shades of inspiration from ‘后宫甄环传’. The only difference is the name, instead, we are 后宫真烦传. 烦, this word could be enunciated as 'huan' as well in Hokkien with the same meaning of the word itself. Below is the snapshot by using Oppo.

Our first episode haha! @ Yellow Lips cafe
Still remembered that we discussed on the night before about the time and venue. And our Vicky 贵妃 had participated in the CNY unavoidable event - gambling on the night before which lead to her feeling exhausted on that day. I thought that we were gonna gather for lunch or brunch so I reached this cafe at 11am. Unfortunately, the message they perceived was the other story which made me waiting at there alone for more than 45mins haha! Even though this cafe had been launched for quite some time, but this was my first visit. My friend told me that previously, they only served desserts. Recently, they amplify their menu to include the salty savoury as well. The void of parking lots is also the factor which triggers me not to frequently visit the cafes around there. Okay, back to the topic, I parked at the illegal parking lot area 3 blocks away from the cafe and walked to there. Walked into this cafe and waited there for quite a long time haha! Let's see their menu!

The internal decoration is not exquisitely fancy and ornate but it just has that kind of elegantly harmonized feeling. I think WHITE colour does heal me inside out. Besides, I saw a lot of Mat Salleh (AngMo) dining at there which is a super-eminent point for me. I could imagine myself being abroad... Alright, I know I like to live in my reverie but thinking could turn into a reality as well! #lawofattraction

I think this is Belgium Dark Chocolate (RM11-Hot / RM12-Cold) ordered by Shanene. When it comes to Sharene, my mind directly pops up of dessert, saccharine... anything sweet! She is like an ant as she likes to eat the sugary thingy. I did not try it as I normally prefer to drink coffee so no comment on this! Haha!

I think I'd trained all of my friends in striking poses for me to photograph. See, the result is not bad right?! Haha!

This is what we ordered!
Life of Pi (RM19)
Okay, we were mesmerized by the name. I had such a long time did not order Egg Benedict. In the past, I was a super fan of it but I think started from mid of last year, I had lost the affiliation with it. Haha! But Sharene was pretty excited when she saw this so I gave it a YES. Nothing remarkable for this, it's okay but still has room for improvement. I like the plate though.

Sharene's photography skill has improved! Haha!

Shifudo Crepe-Yaki (RM19)
This is a fusion between Japanese and Western dish. I like this concept so much! I'm always not a fan of crepe but this tastes so delish! This is light and the topping is good, everything just matches together! Excellent! No need to describe more, just go and try it yourself. But I think it's a little bit salty at the end.

Wefie first!
Switched angle.

Meanwhile, our leader - Vicky had set her footsteps to the cafe with natural face, super short pant (for me) and a hat. We decided to order another 1 dish and all of us agreed on ordering the spaghetti. Tadaa!
Crab Seafood Pasta (RM22)
I did not put much expectations and hopes onto this dish as I thought its specialty is their crepe. But when the waitress served this onto our table, I could not pull my eyes away from the crab meats (the real ones)! The taste is Daebak! Sorry I can't control myself to not write in Korean anymore coz this is really awfully yummy!!! I somehow think that the taste is akin to Thai style, that kind of Thai chili sauce at KFC. It's not too creamy to my liking but Vicky claimed that it's a bit creamy for her. I almost devoured this whole dish. Thumbs up for this!

Details of The Twelve Cups Cafe
Address: 12, The White Aways Arcade, Beach Street, 10300 George Town, Malaysia. (nearby the Subway)
Tel: 04-262 6812
Business Hour: Mon-Thu ~ 10am-11pm
Fri&Sat ~ 9am-12am 
Sun ~ 9am-11pm
Facebook Page: The Twelve Cups
Okay, the foodporn is ended now. Below is all of our wefies, just to inform you guys! Haha! But below would still have a bit of foodporn though as we went on our second round to Moody Cow Cafe!

Add in Vic!
Ok, my Oppo had betrayed me as I was not being focused....

This was taken by her 自拍神器.

陈太医终于回宫了!Julius finally replied us on WeChat and we decided to switch to another cafe instead of staying at the same location. Plus, our fav yogurt had been sold out on that day so there's no point for us to stay haha! Sharene took my Oppo and started to take selfies...

On that day was freaking congested on almost all roads at Georgetown. They said that they wanted something sweet so we headed to Moody Cow Cafe which I'd never gone there before. 

When we stepped into this cafe, we were captivated by this glass shelve which filled with gigantic cookies! They are priced at around RM18 each. Three of the girls (including me) were spellbinded by the cookies and we wanted to try the one with nuts! But unfortunately, these Harry-Potter-like cookies are just for takeaway not dining in. The waiter said their cafe has a dimmed surrounding which is hard for them to clean up the cookies shreds if any. We were so frustrated but never mind we still have other options - their elephantine cakes!!!
In actuality, it's dimmer coz the pic above had been filtered.

I always wanted to try their signature salty egg masterpieces. On that day, they have original and the special ones. We chose this almond cream cheese and for the another one, the waiter asked if we wanted something sweet or sourish. We chose sourish. He recommended us to have their what bleeding... what I can't recall the exact name. So, let the low-quality photos (too dimmed to have photogenic pics) own the talk show.
Alright, I need to warn you guys that this is not something normal. The size has frightened us. 3 of us plus one hungry guy, total 4 of us could not even finish what we ordered! This salty egg is really amazing but it's way too heavy. If you know about diet, you should know how much calories does one serving of salty egg has. Boomed! But the cream cheese is superb as I think I taste the coconut milk flavour (not sure). The brownies at the lowest tier are nice as well but how could one person finish this up?

The one recommended by the waiter. I asked him whether this is the red velvet but he was stern by saying this is totally different story. Atleast it looks like red velvet right? Haha! The first bite on it, my eyes squinted like a string, saliva almost spilled out due to the over-sourness. This is cranberry indulgence! Haha! The taste is nice but just the size that matters. Too huge!

We talked, gambled (I do not know how to play no matter how hard they were trying to teach me), over-flooded by sweetness from 2pm til almost 6pm. Whenever grouping with them, we naturally have the endless topics to chat on. To be honest with you, I have only a few besties from college/Uni. Coz I don't really care about being famous like crowded by those superficial and materialistic flatterer. I don't understand their concept and will never grasp it. I just like to be normal and ordinary. During my college and Uni time, I did not make many friends as I have no energy to trigger me to speak to people. It may be due to my weight loss journey. After weight loss, the whole perspective towards relationships had changed. So, I prefer quality of friends to quantity. Aigoo, again, I'm over-blogging on this post! All in all, it was such a prodigious outing with you guys! I cherish our friendship!

The only selfie which is clear and bright. This cafe is way too dimmed! Haha!

Details of Moody Cow Cafe
Address: 170 Transfer Road, 10050 George Town, Malaysia. (nearby the Police Station)
Tel: 016-410 1995
Business Hour: Tue-Sun ~ 10am-12pm (CLOSED on MON) Maybe it's Monday Blue and everyone is moody haha!
Facebook Page: Moody Cow Cafe Penang

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