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{YouTube}槟城美食之泰式秘密花园❤Penang Thai DelicaciesTree Monkey

by - March 27, 2016

{YouTube}槟城美食之泰式秘密花园Penang Thai DelicaciesTree Monkey{请注意}
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Ok, two weeks ago, right before Cathe delivering Aeden, 3 of us dated for an overdue hangout. I suddenly thought of going this hidden Thai delicacies (Tree Monkey) which situated at Batu Ferringhi and my first time had been... Aigoo just my first time ever to drive uphill on this mountain! Haha! Really delicious and especially the vibes over there were captivating us! SUBSCRIBE for more!

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This is just a mere picture to temp your appetites! Alright, I'll sure be updating the full review of this restaurant soon, stay tuned for more!

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